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The Ultimate  –  Tiny House Trailer Plans

20ft Tiny House Trailer Blueprints

By Your Request  –  Tiny House Trailer Plans Delivered!  Yes, these are purpose built blueprints for a Tiny House Foundation.  If you want a Tiny Home, don’t mess with trailers from a different purpose.  Build your Foundation with engineering specifically for Tiny Houses.

Blueprints made for Tiny Homes – Like a strong perimeter to support the walls, a super stiff I-Beam frame, and “in frame” floor integration for a unique low deck (solid floor & more interior space).  Choose the 20′ Trailer, or the 24′ Trailer, or the not-so-tiny 30′ / 32′ Trailer.

Read about design for a solid foundation, or read the engineering case study.  Then, download your Tiny House Trailer blueprints today.

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Utility Trailer Blueprints — Design for Torsion Axles

New Torsion Axle Design Utility Trailer Blueprints

Again – You Ask, and We Deliver!  New DIY utility trailer blueprints are now in the Mechanical Elements plans store.  Yes, new plans engineered for torsion axles.  The designs provide a great ride with great strength – on rubber.  < Read More >

Torsion axles apply unique loads to the trailer frame.  Ignoring this can lead to over-stressed components, yet good design handles it, so we’ve done just that.  The new trailer blueprints with illustrated instructions are ready for download now — from the 4’x6′-2000#, to the 5’x10′-3500#.  Even a 4’x6.5′-2500# Off Road Trailer with more ground clearance!

Some sites brag about “Engineer Approved” plans.  We’ll do one better . . . these are from the Engineer with full analysis.  Get started with this guide to choose DIY Trailer Plans.

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Better Blueprints  –  By Design  –  from Mechanical Elements

All Plans Are Fully Engineered,
Come with Illustrated, Step by Step Instructions,
and Lists of Needed Parts and Materials.

Blueprints for your next project — A fantastic Trailer, a Gantry Crane or a Storage project.
When you Build It Yourself you can Make it Better and Customize it Perfect for you.

Do it Yourself   —   Do it Better!

Blueprints With Full Engineering – For You – That’s The Difference

We believe these are the best DIY plans around.  We’ve seen lots of other Blueprints that don’t compare.  At Mechanical Elements you get plans created by the Engineer, analyzed and detailed – for you.  Instructions cover everything from the basics to the advanced with tips for success. These are Plans for the Do it Yourself enthusiast, and they include options to customize your project. We even explain where it’s safe to make changes, and where it’s not.

Have a look at Why Our Trailer Plans Are Better.  It’s written about trailer plans, but the principles apply to all the engineering blueprints here at Mechanical Elements.  All of our Do-it-Yourself plans are well conceived and ready for your next project.  That’s the Mechanical Elements difference.

Beefy Shop Press & Tools Blueprints

Good planning is the start to a successful project.
Get Great Plans Here!

Do-it-Yourself Plans Start

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Did You Build Something From Our Plans (Blueprints)?

DIY projects are great.  You build and create and invest a bit of yourself into each project.  When you’re done, you feel that pride of ownership that comes from no other place.  That’s awesome, and for many of us, that’s the reason we build.

Now, if you don’t mind, please Share Your Experience!  Other customers would love to see — especially the customizations.  Just like you, we all like seeing inspiration in what others accomplish, so go ahead.  Send in Your Story with a Photo – or 2. Use this link!

Also, check out what other DIY customers have built on our Customer Project Stories Page.  We would love to add your story there too.

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