‘Trailer Parts Kits’ For Our Trailer Plans

Announcing TRAILER PARTS KITS for the Mechanical Elements Trailer Plans!  On their way for you!

Certainly, having all the right parts can make the start of your trailer building project easier. And, if they are all together in trailer parts kits, that makes it one purchase, which is even better!

We get questions for part recommendations.  Maybe you have asked for it, too?  So, let’s do it.  All the right parts exactly for the plans you buy.  Full kits of the parts you will need.

We are excited to announce a new level of cooperation with the good folks at Johnson Trailer Parts.  They have the parts, and we have the best selling trailer plans.  So, put it together, and you get the best of both worlds.  And, you can save a bit by buying them all together in a kit.

Visit Johnson directly, or call them, or visit our Parts Kit Page to get started.

Our history with Johnson Trailer Parts goes back a few years.  They originally contacted us about designing a line of trailer plans for them.  They wanted sound engineering for their new plans, and we are definitely the right place to come.  Not Mechanical Elements per se, but Synthesis Engineering Services.  (Mechanical Elements is a feature of Synthesis, but all the engineering for the trailer plans is done at Synthesis.)

Some Cool Things From JTP

If the name “Johnson Trailer Parts” sounds familiar, then you may have seen some of the cool things we have re-posted.  There are 2 items in particular:

If you have not seen them, those are both good videos.

The Trailer Parts Kits

One of the things JTP has done well in their business – different than most other trailer parts businesses – they make kits.  They understand the frustrations that come from trying to source all the various parts necessary for your trailer.  It can be a lot of time browsing the internet for all the compatible parts.

Example Trailer Parts KitAwesome!  You just bought trailer plans, so now you need to find all the parts.  For some people the shopping is half the fun.  For others, a kit saves the hassle.  Either way is good.

Sure, Mechanical Elements trailer plans all include a great list of parts you will need, and a list of suggested sources, but you must still get them all.  Johnson Trailer Parts now takes all that searching for parts right out of the picture by providing a full kit.

The new kits are sourced specifically to meet the needs of each of our individual trailer plans.  They include axles, suspension, coupler, tongue jack, lights and wiring.  There are also options for wheels and tires.  For trailers that need it, the kits can also include all the hydraulics, the specified scissor hoist, tie-down points, etc..  All are Quality parts at a good price.

The idea is to make the kit complete, while also making it flexible so you can get the parts you need.  To make it more flexible, you can also contact Johnson Trailer Parts directly and they will customize the kit just for you.

Parts Kits For Your Trailer

A roll-out of the new kits may take a little time.  JTP is actively working on it.  To find the right trailer parts kits for the plans you have, please check the JTP/ME List.  If you want a kit, but it is not yet available for your plans choice, please let us know.  Johnson can certainly put together a special kit with all the parts you need.

For more help, contact them, or contact us.  They can put together a special kit for your project.

JTP Trailer Parts Kits

Why Buy Parts From Johnson?

The trailer parts kits are only one option to get the parts you need.  There are many other possibilities, and we actually list a few good places in the plans.  The new kits are simply a convenience – that might save you a few bucks (because it’s a bundle).  These are not cheap parts, on the contrary, they are good parts.  That is one of our stipulations in having the kits made.

The value in buying the kit, as a full kit, from Johnson Trailer Parts is the convenience of getting everything you need in one spot.  Johnson focuses on good quality parts, and in the kit form, there is a quantity discount built in.  The trailer parts kits make it a one-stop-spot to get the parts you need.

Of course, there are many other options, and depending on your situation, you might be able to find some components at a lower price.  You can also get cheap parts (usually China sources), if you look.  We always recommend building with good quality parts, so setting up the kits makes that possible.  You don’t have to do all the research to find out if the parts on the internet are quality or not.  Johnson does that for you, then bundles them all for a fair price.

Again, the trailer parts kits are a service to you, as a convenience, to get you on to the building, then enjoying the new trailer.  If the kit helps, then great!  If not, then that is OK too.

Full Disclosure

A purchase from Johnson Trailer Parts is completely separate and independent of Mechanical Elements.  The kits are a product of Johnson Trailer Parts, and thus, they take responsibility according to their policies.  While we do coordinate to make sure the kits contain the parts appropriate for our plans, we do not control any aspect of the parts sales, shipping, or Johnson Trailer Parts policies.  We recommend them because we have had good experiences with them, and they are willing to make the kits you need, and provide them as a service to you.  Also, because we trust them.

Mechanical Elements does get a small commission from sales of the trailer parts kits for our plans.  This is a normal business transaction, but we do not share personal information of customers, nor do we coordinate on the sale of plans or kits.  All transactions, customer information, etc. are completely separate and private.  We do not share.

If you like the idea of a kit with all the parts – so you don’t need to shop for them separate – then these kits are a great choice.  Or, if you want to shop separate, that’s just fine too.  If you need something a little different, call them.  Johnson Trailer Parts will help you customize the kit just for you.

Good Luck With Your New Trailer Build !!


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