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Better Plans from Mechanical ElementsMany websites have trailer plans.  There are so many, but how do you know what’s good?

Welcome!  You have just found the best.

Compare Plans — Mechanical Elements trailer plans are more complete, have better instructions, more options, and more detail.  PLUS, our plans are Fully Engineered for excellent performance.  (So many on the web are chincy!)

Build your own Trailer, and make it awesome.  Make it to last a lifetime!  Follow the steps below to find the right plans, Or click the many links for tons of support info.  This website is here to help you build it great.

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1.  Start With The Big Picture.

More Trailer Plans for Torsion Axles
Trailer Plans – Many styles available.  Options in every set.

What  Style  of trailer do you want?

We have trailer plans in many styles.  Select one of the above categories to see the offerings!

Large Trailers From Plans

2.  Choose The SIZE.

Plans Cover Sheet - Off Road TrailerAt Mechanical Elements, we have great trailer plans in many popular sizes.  Pick the size you need.

We understand, not all needs fit in standard sizes, so if you need something more, don’t worry.  We encourage customizing to fit your needs.

You are not constrained by only the available sizes.  If you want a slightly different size than we have listed, then please read this article about When is it OK to modify the plans.  The article also talks about other ways to customize.

Build your trailer in the SIZE you want, with the OPTIONS you need.

See Available Trailer Plans

3. Find Your Trailer Plans.

Options on Utility Trailer Plans
Some examples of options included with the plans. Not all options are in every set, but every set has appropriate options for it’s purpose.

Finding the right plans for your project can be a chore sometimes.  There are so many websites with plans — from FREE Plans to very expensive — or even designed custom for you.

TIP:  Consider the source.  Many trailer plans come from guys that just love building.  They are good welders, but they’re not engineers.  Some plans are copies of trailers of cheap from a sales lot.  Ours are Fully Engineered.  Just consider the source.

Plans at Mechanical Elements are from Synthesis Engineering Services.  With more than 30 years designing machinery and products for companies like Ford Motor, Peterbilt, and many more, our plans are complete and done right.  (Read more about What Makes Our Plans Better.)

Browse The Plans

If you can’t find exactly what you want, consider Making Changes To The Plans.  Or, for a custom design, please read this article about design, then maybe contact Synthesis for engineering.

4.  Now You’re Ready!

5x10 Utility Trailer FrameDid you find the trailer plans you want? Select your plans, download, and start building.  You can buy trailer plans online right now, then Save them to your computer immediately.  Enjoy Your Project!

See the info below for tips and helps with building. We have a ton of articles to help make it perfect.

Then, when you’re done, please come back and tell us about it.  We love Customer Stories and Photos like these, so we made a page where you can share your own story.  Please join in.  Thank You!

Enough of that now . . .

Your Trailer Plans Are Waiting.

5.  Explore Tips & Tricks For Trailer Plans and Building.

Aluminum Trailer ConstructionTo help you build — and build it even better — we have a great Collection of Tips and Tricks as pointers and helps.  Learn techniques to make building things easier, faster and better.  See Tips abrout choosing axles, lights, tires, chains, and more.

Use the “Show Me” bar at the top or bottom of this page, and type your question.  We have a lot of articles, so maybe we have one for your question.

Or, visit the The Mechanic’s Post for the full list of articles.  It’s a library of information on DIY stuff.  Oh, and it’s all there free for you.

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