Better Trailer Plans

Why are these Better Trailer Plans?  – There are dozens of trailer plans available, and when you look, the quality varies quite a bit.  So, how do you choose which plans to use?

Here are several things to consider:

First, and Most Important — Function of the Trailer.

Buy plans for a trailer that will fit your individual needs.  It doesn’t matter how good or bad the plans are if the end product won’t do the job.  Ask yourself these questions:

Best DIY Trailer Plans

  1. What type of trailer?  (Utility trailer?  ATV trailer?  Jeep Trailer?  Open or enclosed?  Some other style?)
  2. What load will you carry?  (Think about trailer bed size, and how much weight it will carry?)
  3. What size trailer do you need?  (What length?  And width?  Is the bed height, width or length a factor?)
  4. How long should it last?  (Do you want it built tough for long faithful service?  We think so!)
  5. Does it need sides?  A top?  A tailgate?  Ramps?  Tie-down attachments?  Other options?

Do the plans you’re considering have all the configurations and options you want for your trailer?  If not, look a little further.  If ours don’t, Let Us Know what you need.  For more great insight on trailer design, please read the article on our parent site “What Makes A Good Trailer Design?” And, visit the Mechanic’s Post for dozens of good ideas about all sorts of Do-it-Yourself projects.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

  1. Completeness of the Plans –

Sample Page DIY Plans

    1. Just look, 2, 3, or 4 drawing sheets are not adequate to fully describe a trailer design.  Our plans include several instruction pages with lots of detailed illustrations  (16 to 28 drawing sheets plus 10 to 16 pages of instructions is typical).
    2. Some plans include only the base trailer (with options costing extra).  However, some (like ours) include lots of options to customize and personalize your project.
    3. Some trailer plans include only one version of a trailer, not several different configurations for you to choose from.  We know each customer has different needs, so we don’t make “one-size-fits-all” plans.
    4. Some plans out there have a woefully inadequate list of materials.  Ours have detail by name, size and options for purchase components if applicable.
    5. Want more?  See  What’s In The Plans,  including sample pages.  Also, visit the selection page for building a trailer perfect for you.
  1. Accessibility –
    1. Many other plans come only in a paper format.  If you lose or damage the paper what do you do?  Our plans are available in an electronic PDF format — to print in any size (8.5 x 11 up to 22 x 17) — or just use from your device.
    2. Of course, paper format is also available.
    3. And, we save your order, so if you accidentally delete the file, let us know, because we’re here to help.
  2. Delivery –
    1. Some other plans are available only through the mail which can take weeks, while ours can download immediately after purchase, right from this website!  Just place your order, then download.  What is easier?
    2. Almost everyone charges shipping and handling — it’s part of doing business.  To avoid it, order the electronic version right here from Mechanical Elements, then download it now and save!  Save both Time and Money.

What’s The Finished Trailer Like?

6'10" x 16' Tandem Axle Trailer PlansHere are several things to think about when selecting plans to buy.  While not everyone has fully engineered plans, and not everyone will consider all these factors.  We think these are important, and we consider them with each trailer design.

  1. Trailer Strength –
    1. Many utility trailers have short sides that weld to the frame to give adequate strength.  Without the sides, the frame would bend under load.  This is an OK design for some things, however, it has its issues.  The hiccup in that design — if the side members ever get damaged, then strength is compromised.  These weak designs are often made of all angle iron.
    2. We have better trailer plans with full strength in the frame.  If you want a flat bed, you’ve got it.  If you want sides, then you can choose your option — for sides (or not) to meet your specific needs.  Sides are not required with us for full trailer strength.
    3. Some trailers appear quite wimpy — perhaps not even able to handle the rating load — especially if not evenly distributed.  While that works for some trailer designers, we believe trailer strength is much more than just holding weight.  Better trailer plans include safety factors in the design to handle the load over potholes, speed bumps, and other unavoidable obstacles.  Our trailer designs are tough for long, faithful service.  It’s part of providing better trailer plans.
    4. We could go on, but it’s better to read the Article on Trailer Strength from this Engineer that designs trailers.
  2. Utility Options –

    Better Trailer Plans

    1. What options do you need on a trailer?  Are options available with the plans?  Many other plans do not include ANY options, while some have options at an additional cost.
    2. Our plans include lots of options like tailgate options, ramp options, tie-down options, sides options, axle options, motorcycle stands, bed options, and more . . . . We understand that not everyone wants the same exact trailer, so we also  Encourage Customizing  for your needs — including all the options that work for you.
    3. For more info on critical options, read these articles on Axle Types and Axle Choices, Tire Choices, and Material Choices.
    4. We also recommend reading about When It’s Safe to Modify to make them Better Trailer Plans for you.
  3. Trailer Weight –
    1. A lightweight trailer is certainly desirable.  There are many out there that are light — some by clever design, some use lightweight materials (like aluminum), however some are simply under designed.  Give care to choices of weight because a hundred pounds less can cost a lot more to build, or it may mean a weak trailer.
    2. Our trailers may be a little heavier than some because we have chosen strength, dependability and long life as a worthy trade-off.  A little extra weight in the right places means a lot of extra strength.  We believe, it’s worth the enhanced performance and worry free operation.  Build it well, treat it well, and it will last a lifetime.

Better Trailer Plans Prices:

  1. Prices for plans around the web range from FREE to cheap to expensive.  Look at what you get (like how complete the plans are).  Free trailer plans don’t help if you’re getting junk.
  2. Some places make you order options as separate items costing more.  Our plans have a bunch of options all included.
  3. For mail order plans, there is an extra price for shipping and handling.  We do the same for printed plans.  However, we also offer the option of electronic delivery, which gets it to you now.  From us, over the internet, S&H is Free.
  4. Our prices are not the lowest, nor the most expensive.  However, our plans are the best.  If we offer a trailer that fits your need, this is the place to get Better Trailer Plans.  We also offer electronic delivery — no cost for delivery.
  5. For those who really want free plans, we have an option for that too.  It’s not exactly “free”, but if you’re willing to help us, we’re willing to give you plans without an exchange of money.

Yes, Better Trailer Plans

Now you know.  From the lists above you can see it’s a lot of little things that add up for better trailer plans.  We don’t have plans for everything, but the plans we offer are a great value to you, our customer.

Then, we support you in the build.  Please see the growing list of “How To’s” and Tips for building Trailers and so much more in the Mechanic’s Post area.  One example is the Trailer Wiring Page showing diagrams and giving the “Why?” explanations.  It’s all there for you.

Shop now, and get better trailer plans HereEnjoy!

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