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  1. Cody Race
    June 29, 2020 @ 10:37 PM

    So I think this is likely the wrong answer. Given the fact the question is to build a trailer worth hauling a car if necessary. Most tandem boat trailers that one would buy to repurpose are older and the carrying capacity is well above 6k pounds. In mind most of these old trailers hold all of the weight on 3 points of the frame where the bunk slides are mounted. One on either side of the rear frame and one center point in front. Most cars weigh less than 6k pounds. At 4 points of contact. 2 rear 2 front. The boat trailer is the way to go. They are very cheap. Already (tore down) and provide an easy starting point for adding steel or aluminum tubing. While having brakes that have barely ever been used. Wood is cheap for the deck if you use old motor oil to stain it!


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