Customer Stories of Do-It-Yourself Projects

Build It !!  That’s what DIY is all about, and it gives a great feeling.  Here are some Customer Project Stories highlighting their good work and project success.  Read (in their words) how Do-It-Yourself Plans become awesome “Built By Me” products!

In the photos below, see how most include customization (variations from the original plans), and special features added to meet their needs.  We Encourage Customizing!  And, We love what these customers have done.

While some stories were submitted with our Gift Card give-away, others came from customers who just understand the great value in sharing ideas.  Please jump in and share your projects too.  Share projects like on this page, or your unique ideas like in our Solutions! section.  Your great ideas can stimulate good things for others too.  These great customer project stories happen with the magic of sharing.

Customer Project Stories  –  Trailers

Submitted By:  Tom

Short Story:

“Last weekend I was at a big trail ride. As I rode by one group of riders, a guy called out, “Hey, you’re Tom aren’t you? I said, Yes and how do you know my name? Well, he says, “when I saw your trailer in the parking area, I knew you were here. You and that trailer are iconic.”

Mechanic’s Note: The Blue Mountain Flyer was designed specifically for Tom and his Horse. It’s a lightweight trailer design to pull with a small truck.

Blue Mountain Flyer

Submitted By:  Russ

Short Story:

“Thanks for all your help and I love the trailer plans.  I’m not done yet, but I thought I would e-mail you a picture of where I’m at so far.  This is the first time I’ve built a trailer.

Thanks again!”

Customer Project Stories - 5x10 Utility Trailer Frame

Submitted By:  Alan

Short Story:

“Pretty simple story…  We needed a flatbed to haul our tractor as well as avocado bins.  Eldon was ‘on point’ in assisting us with our initial questions and provided excellent advice regarding strengthening the base trailer.  Despite the lack of fenders, I am please to report the trailer functions exactly as we hoped.

Thanks to Eldon for the great plans and advice.


  • Recycled Travel Trailer Frame
    Starting Point – Recycled Travel Trailer Frame
  • Tractor to Haul With Rebuilt Trailer
    Main Goal – Tractor To Haul
  • Laying Out The Trailer Frame Steel
    Laying Out The Steel Per Eldon’s Advice
  • Completed Trailer Frame Welding
    Base Trailer With Strengthening Metal
  • Recycle Wood In Place
    Recycled Planks For Base
  • Top Coat Plywood
    Quality Plywood For Top Layer
  • Nearly Finished Trailer Ready To Go
    Almost Finished – Need To Complete The Fenders

Submitted By:  Johnson Trailer Parts

Short Story:

This image is actually a screen shot from near the end of their trailer build video.  We invite you to read more about the build and watch the video here.

While their business is really selling trailer parts, we also work with Johnson designing plans.  This is a trailer build from one set of those plans.

JTP Trailer Build

Customer Project Stories  –  Gantry Cranes

Submitted By:  Frank

Short Story:

“The jacks are ONLY to move the Gantry Crane around the shop. The Crane should be cranked down firmly on the floor before lifting any loads.

2″ X 4″ (under) is to prevent the “C” channel from marring my shop floor paint when lifting loads.

Thanks for the detailed, easy to follow plans.”

Gantry Crane With Wheel Jacks

Submitted By:  donjarsi

Short Story:

“My Dad taught me welding: Arc, Spot and Oxy Acetylene. So, when retired, I decided to get my certificate at Trade College. I made a crane, and was awarded Student of the Year!

I love working with metal.”

Mechanic’s Note: With this submission (and random drawing), donjarsi won our 2017 Gift Card give-away.  Congratulations.

DIY Crane Project Wins

Submitted By:  Jeff

Short Story:

“I finished building the Gantry from plans and used it for the first time on a 1200 lbs boat section.

I works very well and I’m pleased with the product. Thanks.”

Customer Project Stories - Gantry Crane with Boat

Submitted By:  Carl

Short Story:

“Finished my crane, and wanted to thank you for your help during the building process. A little over $ 1000.00 including lifting equipment, paint, welding. And I wound up with a drill press and some bits.

I got to go lift something.”

Pile O Steel
Pile O’ Steel
Customer Project Stories - Crane Going Up
Crane Going Up
First Trial
First Trial
Customer Project Stories - Under The Bar
10.5′ Under The Main Bar
Port & Starboard, Har!
Red & Green Legs, Port & Starboard
Boat engine lift
It’s a boat engine lift after all…

Invitation  . . . .  And Thank You

Add your customer project stories to this page too! Simply submit a photo and your short story here.  It’s easy, and we’ll give you the acknowledgement just like those in the page above.  Think of it as helping other customers — when they see the things you’ve done to make your project great. Inspiration from others is a beautiful thing.

A big THANK YOU to all our customers. Special Thanks to those who have shared the above projects. From Synthesis, and The Mechanic, and all those inspired by your work.  Thank You!