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Build It !!  That’s what DIY is all about, and it’s a great feeling.  These are Customer Project Stories and Great ideas.  Read (in their words) how Do-It-Yourself Plans become awesome “Built By Me” products!

Enjoy the ideas.  We Encourage Customizing!  And, We love what these customers have done.

These customers understand the value of sharing — ideas & success.  Please, jump in and share your projects and cool ideas too — as Customer Stories or as Solutions!  Your ideas can stimulate good things, because Great Inspiration is in the magic of sharing.  Thank You !!

Customer Project Stories  –  Trailers

Blue Mountain Flyer

Submitted By:  Tom

Short Story:  “Last weekend I was at a big trail ride. As I rode by one group of riders, a guy called out, “Hey, you’re Tom aren’t you?  I said, Yes and how do you know my name?  Well, he says, “when I saw your trailer in the parking area, I knew you were here.  You and that trailer are iconic.”

Mechanic’s Note:  The Blue Mountain Flyer was designed specifically for Tom and his Horse.  It’s a lightweight trailer design to pull with a small truck.
DIY Customers

JTP Trailer Build

Submitted By:  Johnson Trailer Parts

Short Story:  This image is actually a screen shot from near the end of their trailer build video.  We invite you to read more about the build and watch the video here.

While their business is really selling trailer parts, we also work with Johnson designing plans.  This is a trailer build from one set of those plans.
DIY Customer Stories

Submitted By:   AD Metal Works

Sales Description:  ATV, UTV, Compact Tractor utility trailer.  This trailer is 6ft x 11ft x 3500 lbs which makes it perfect for many jobs and it’s easy to maneuver in tight places.  The trailer has BRAKES and an Emergency breakaway braking system.  The deck has ramp access from 3 sides with the 6ft x 10 inch heavy duty ramps that store under the bed.  Lights are protected in custom enclosures.  Frame rails are 4″x 2″ steel tube and the ends are 4″ channel.  The tongue is 3″x 3″ tube which runs the length of the trailer as a backbone for the system.

Tires are 15inch and the fenders are ABS – virtually indestructible.  The design is slightly heavy, but it’s a perfect compromise between under built and over done.  Its flat deck makes it great for just about any purpose.  With no side rails to get in the way, the functions are endless.  This trailer was designed so it does not need side rails for strength – unlike many trailers sold today.  Trailer design and engineering by

DIY Customers Stories
Submitted By:   StanA

This teardrop camper is the result of project for StanA and daughter.  StanA says his daughter was looking for a new welding project, and this is the result.

The platform for their beautiful work is the Mechanical Elements 5 x 8 torsion axle utility trailer plans.  This photo shows the the finished chassis, and the final result, but there is more to see with the build process and customizing.  Read their story and see more photos of Building the Teardrop Camper.

Teardrop and Trailer Frame
Mechanical Elements Stories

5x10 Utility Trailer Frame

Submitted By:  Russ

Short Story:  “Thanks for all your help and I love the trailer plans.  I’m not done yet, but I thought I would e-mail you a picture of where I’m at so far.  This is the first time I’ve built a trailer.

Thanks again!

DIY Customers Stories

Submitted By:  Alan

Short Story:  “Pretty simple story…  We needed a flatbed to haul our tractor as well as avocado bins.  Eldon was ‘on point’ in assisting us with our initial questions and provided excellent advice regarding strengthening the base trailer.  Despite the lack of fenders, I am please to report the trailer functions exactly as we hoped.

Thanks to Eldon for the great plans and advice.  Alan”

DIY Customers Stories
Submitted By:   DaveF

Was looking for info to build a trailer and found these affordable plans.  Pretty much followed the plans except for tongue bracing underneath.  I felt I had enough support by making the tongue a little longer for more weld.  Went with rectangle tubing for rail and 1″ white oak for decking.  Made custom latches for gate and a fold in hinge for gate.  Trailer weighed in at 1160 lbs.  Very happy with the way it turned out, should last many years, thanks for the great plans.

DIY Customers Stories

Customer Project Stories  –  Gantry Cranes

Gantry Crane With Wheel Jacks

Submitted By:  Frank

Short Story:  “The jacks are ONLY to move the Gantry Crane around the shop.  The Crane should be cranked down firmly on the floor before lifting any loads.

2″ X 4” (under) is to prevent the “C” channel from marring my shop floor paint when lifting loads.

Thanks for the detailed, easy to follow plans.”
Mechanical Elements

Winning Customer Stories Project

Submitted By:  donjarsi

Short Story:  “My Dad taught me welding: Arc, Spot and Oxy Acetylene.  So, when retired, I decided to get my certificate at Trade College.  I made a crane, and was awarded Student of the Year!

I love working with metal.”

Mechanic’s Note:  With this submission (and random drawing), donjarsi won our 2017 Gift Card give-away.  Congratulations.
Gantry Cranes

Customer Project Stories - Gantry Crane with Boat

Submitted By:  Jeff

Short Story:  “I finished building the Gantry from plans and used it for the first time on a 1200 lbs boat section.

I works very well and I’m pleased with the product.  Thanks.”
Customize Plans

Hydraulic Beam Lift

Submitted By:  Craig

Short Story:  “Years ago, I bought the original gantry crane plans, built it and have been using it for years, couldn’t be happier.  Lately, I’ve had a need for a taller unit and couldn’t believe it when I noticed you guys expanded the original design.

“I purchased the larger gantry crane plans as well, looks like this one has all the sizing notes in it.

“I also made clamps so that I could raise and lower the legs by myself.  With 2 Harbor Freight Air over Hydraulic rams, the bottom clamp stays stationary and attaches to the bottom leg.  The top clamp is designed so that you tighten it with a knob so it can slide up and down the upper leg to get another “bite” to raise or lower it.  I need to refine the design a little but the first outing was a success and it makes it so much easier to adjust the height of the crane.”
Project Build

Submitted By:  Carl

Short Story:  “Finished my crane, and wanted to thank you for your help during the building process.  A little over $ 1000.00 including lifting equipment, paint, welding. And I wound up with a drill press and some bits.

I got to go lift something.”

Pile O Steel
Pile O’ Steel

Customer Project Stories - Crane Going Up
Crane Going Up

First Trial
First Trial

Customer Project Stories - Under The Bar
10.5′ Under The Bar

Port & Starboard, Har!
Red & Green Legs, Port & Starboard

Boat engine lift
It’s a boat engine lift after all…

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