Did You Build It?

What is your DIY project story?

We’re interested in your DIY project.  If you purchased plans at MechanicalElements.com, then we would love to see what you built.

Do you have photos of what you built?  The main post below is a call for stories and photos.  While the contest is now over — the $100 gift card was sent — we would still love to see and share your DIY project stories.  The Customer Stories page gets a reasonable amount of traffic from people wanting to see other ideas for inspiration.  They want to see your story too.  Care to join us?

Submit your photos and story of building with our plans, or if you have a cool project that fits our Solutions! category.  Those are always great to see and share.  Great ideas come from a million different people and places!

Thank you, and we hope you Have a Wonderful Day!


Original Contest Post

Submit a photo and your story before March 31st, 2017 for a chance to win a gift card.  We want to hear your experience.

DIY Project Submission Incentive $100 Visa Gift CardNow that the re-launched of this Do-It-Yourself Plans Website is more or less complete, we need decoration. What better way to decorate, than with your success?  And, we’ve got an offer to share success with you.

The New Customer DIY Project Page

We will soon be launching a new section of this site with stories and photos from you, our customers, about your projects — with a $100 Visa Gift Card up for grabs.  Whether it be a crane, a press, or an awesome trailer, submit a photo of your project here for your chance at the $100 Visa Gift Card.  The photo can be of the complete project, or during the construction process.  The story can be short or long, about building the project, or about what you’ve done with it since.  Tell us about the successes and the goofs.  It’s all good, because it’s you.  Details are on the Submission Page.

Special Call For Custom Projects

We always say — the plans are intended to be built with your personal customization.  That’s what makes the DIY project uniquely yours, so feel free to send photos showing how you customized the project.  Or how you did any aspect of a project like fixtures.  Your great ideas may stimulate others too!

Good luck to everyone, and Thank You for participating!

To be eligible for the Visa gift card, your photo and story must be submitted prior to March 31st, 2017.  See details on the submission page.  Also, though we love all sorts of DIY project photos, only those built with our plans as a base, are eligible for the gift card drawing.  Beat the rush, and get it in today.

Follow-Up After The Gift Card Giveaway . . . .

Thank you to all that participated in our call for photos and card giveaway.  We have announced the Winner of the Visa Gift card.  And, we have a new page of Customer Photos and Short Stories.

So, that contest is now over, but there are still great ways for you to participate.

Join In And Share Your DIY Project Story

It’s never too late to submit your story because we welcome new stories and photos any time, all the time.  We would love to see what you’re building and share your good ideas with other Mechanical Elements customers.

Whether it’s a project like those requested above built from our plans, or if it’s your own creation that you did to solve some niggly problem.  We’ll post them to share either in the Solutions! section of the blog, like this simple parking help, or on the customer stories page.  Whatever your DIY Project entails, we’re sure there are outstand bits that will help other customers make their projects better too.  Your contribution might be just the ticket for someone else.  Thank you for sharing.

And, of course, if you have questions about the plans, we are here and ready to help.  Please Contact Us.  Thank you for visiting.

We Found These For You . . .

4'x6' Off Road Trailer

Build a great little DIY Off Road Trailer with these Plans.  The 4 x 6 is a nice adventure buggy size to use with a Jeep or any other 4-Wheel-Drive.  And, customize with options in the plans.

Wider 12 x 32 Tiny House Trailer Plans

For a little more interior room, our widest Tiny House Trailer plans also include full engineering as a mobile foundation.  Low 12’ x 30’ or 32’ top deck.  Up to 18,000 lbs total capacity.

Making A Lower Trailer Deck Height
Many things contribute to a low trailer deck, and often they conflict with other needs for the trailer.  Here is a list of ways to build a lower trailer deck — and some potential trade-offs 

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Plus and Minus of Low Trailer Deck Height
To some people a low trailer deck height really matters, to others not so much.  Yet you read about it in trailer descriptions a lot.  So, what are the trade-offs for a low deck?  And how do you achieve it?

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Twisting Trailer Safety Chains
Should you twist trailer safety chains to make them shorter?  Certainly twisting them reduces the length so they don’t drag the ground.  That part is good.  However, there are big issues with twisting safety chains?

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Time to look at the action by testing the Twin Torsion Axles.  Video is a great way to see what’s really happening with the new suspension design, so we’ve mounted a camera!

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Wide and Wider Tiny House Trailer Plans
What if . . . You want to live Tiny, but not “that” tiny?  Sure, there are a lot of attractive elements with living Tiny, but to some, the 8 foot width is just too tight.  If that’s you, go…

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Should I Build A Trailer Or Buy One?
Interested in a new utility trailer?  Or ATV Hauler?  We have plans for those, but when should you build a trailer?  And, when should you just go out and buy one?

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More Trailer Plans for Torsion Axles
More New Product Announcements:  The Mechanical Elements line of DIY Trailer Blueprints has just expanded – AGAIN – with more trailer plans for torsion axles.  These new trailer plans fill

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Walking Beam Trailer Suspension With Twin Torsion Axles
Plans are now available for the Twin Torsion Axle Walking Beam Trailer Suspension.  This was introduced on a build early in 2018, with posts about the trailer including a video of the suspension in action.

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