8.5′ x 24′ – 10,000 lbs Deck-Over Trailer Plans

8.5′ x 24′ – 10,000 lbs Deck-Over Trailer Plans

Complete Plans for an awesome 24 Foot, Tandem Axle, Deck-Over Trailer – 10,000 lbs Capacity!  At 8.5′ wide x 24′ deck length, the plans include plenty of options to build it the way you want it.

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These plans show how to build a 24 Foot Deck-Over trailer at 10,400 lbs capacity.  It’s all there including a bunch of options and variations, so you can customize the trailer for your specific needs.

These blueprints are part of our Endurance Duty family of Deck-Over Trailer Plans.  All of our Deck-Over trailers are Fully Engineered for superior service over a long life.    This trailer is tough by design because that’s what we think you should expect.

The frame is structural steel, then you choose the options.  Choose things like various sides (permanent, or removable), ramps, hitch style, deck style, supports, and much more.  Even the options have options — like choices for sides material, height, deck, ramp length and strength.  Build it the way you want it.

Tandem Axle,  10,400 lbs, 24 Foot, Deck-Over Trailer Plans

If you need a broad, long flat deck trailer, this is a great choice.  This trailer is 8′ 6″ wide (the legal limit) with a 24 foot deck extending over the wheels.  Tandem Axles give a 10,400 lbs capacity making this Deck-Over trailer perfect for many.

While the trailer plans are great by themselves, we didn’t stop there.  For instance, our research shows many owners wish their ramps were a little longer or a little stronger — so, we give you both.  Then, we give you the engineering info to select what you want.

A robust design with lots of choices to build your trailer the way you want it is the Mechanical Elements way.  Get the trailer plans, then customize them to fit your specific needs.

7000lb Deck-Over Trailer Plans Options
Some of the options.  Plank deck, 8.5′ Ramps, Perimeter Rub Rails w/ Stake Pockets, Front Stop Rail, Tongue Tray Storage (hard to see), Pivoting Tongue Jack, Adjustable Hitch, yet that’s not all.  (16′ 7K Trailer shown – same options and more at 24′ and 10K.)

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8.5′ x 24 Foot – 10,000 lbs – Deck-Over Trailer Plans

  • 8’6″ x 24′ nominal deck size.
  • 2x 5200 lbs tandem axles = 10,400 lbs capacity (includes trailer and full cargo).
  • Leaf spring suspension with load equalizer.
  • Deck-over design includes options for front stop rail, side rub rails w/stake pockets.
  • Welded Steel Construction with tube main beams for torsional strength.
  • Approximate base trailer weight ~ 2400 lbs (w/o Ramps, Decking, or Sides)
  • While the main design is a Deck-Over trailer, plans include a lot of options.
    (Detail not given in other trailer plans.)
  • Instructions explain the build, step by step, with tips to customize for various needs.
  • The download is a Zip file containing the drawings, illustrated instructions, and special part files.
  • This trailer Design is Fully Engineered and ready to build.

Side Access Ramps

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More About The Design Features

More About The Design Features

Of course, the specifications list is nice, yet here’s always more to explain about the trailer features.  This 24 Foot Deck-Over Trailer has a lot to talk about.

  • * Trailer width is 8 feet 6 inches (typical legal width limit), with a bed length of 24 feet 3.5 inches including the steel frame.  8’6″ width includes rub rails.
  • Overall length with the tongue is 349 inches (about 29 feet) — which can vary a little with some of the options.
  • The Trailer bed is ~35 inches high, though that may vary just a little with tire size, spring shape, shims, load and other options.
  • 10,400 lbs max capacity (combined axle rating)* for tandem axles each rated at 5200 lbs.  Load capacity includes the trailer weight and options.
  • While the primary suspension design is leaf springs, double eye style, with equalizer; Slipper type springs are also acceptable.  This trailer is not made for independent torsion axles (see this article).
  • Trailer weight will vary with options you choose.  This 10K base flatbed trailer is in the 2700+ lbs range, which includes an estimate for axles and wheels, but without decking, sides or ramps.  Options like sides, decking choices, and any options can add weight.
  • These trailer plans include many options, so choose what makes it perfect for you.
  • Deck options — both material, connection options, with or without the wheel well covers, etc..
  • Build the standard flatbed, or choose one of the sides options — permanent or removable.  Sides options also have variations, including options for tie-downs, height, material, rub rails, stake pockets, etc..
  • Ramps are an option — Choose ramps that slide in (and store) under the deck (or not), then choose a ramp length and capacity.
  • Design includes options for a raised front rail (or not), and a tongue tray for special carry (or not).
  • Choose a mounted toolbox, a spare tire, rear stabilizers, etc. — it’s all there for choosing.  Since some options are mutually exclusive, not all options are in the pictures here.

    Deck-Over Trailer Options
    While it can be made as a typical Deck-Over, these trailer plans include many options you won’t find in other blueprints.
    (20′ Trailer shown, others similar.)
  • The download package is a ZIP file which includes the full set of drawings, illustrated instructions, and CAD files for cutting the tail plate and other shaped parts.
  • We provide the plans complete, the way we would want to receive them.  We think they are much more complete and far more detailed than any of our competitors.
  • These 24 Foot Deck-Over Trailer Plans are easy to get!  Press the “Add to Cart” button, then follow the instructions for purchase.  You can save them to your computer immediately after payment is complete.  Have them in just a few minutes!  Then, get started today.

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