Tilt Top Trailer Conversion Plans – 4′ and 5′ Width

Convert our standard Utility Trailer Plans into a Tilt Top Trailer with these Conversion Plans.  It fits our smaller, 3500 lbs, utility trailers in 4′ width and 5′ width — for both leaf springs and torsion axles.

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If you need a trailer that tilts — whether for loading, or unloading, or both — add this conversion plan to your order.  This Tilt Top Conversion is an easy way to convert a standard fixed tongue trailer to one with the added tilting function.

This is not really an accessory or addition, more like a method to fundamentally change a trailer.  That’s why we call it a “conversion”.  If it’s something you need, there’s not much that can substitute, so Choose Your Trailer, then Get the Conversion Plans Also.

Tilt Top Plans Fit These Trailers

This one set of plans has detail for converting several trailer sizes.  This fits our small trailer sizes at 3500 lbs capacity.  In one set of plans it shows the conversion for these trailers (ONLY these trailers):

One plan shows how to convert all 6 trailers.  Since the tongues are similar, converting them for the tilt function is also similar.  That’s why it works for all the above trailers — both with standard leaf springs, and trailers with a torsion axle.  Of course, there are differences for each size, but that is all in the plans.  For wider trailers, we have conversion plans for 6′ and 6’10” wide trailers.

Making The Conversion

Tilt Trailer Extras

The nice part is the design allows all the normal options — like sides, rails, tie-bars, tailgate, deck options, etc. — from the original plans.  The only option that get nixed is the under trailer ramp storage.  All the others still work with this tilt top conversion.

Choose your trailer plans from the list above, then get these conversion plans also.  Yes, it’s 2 sets of plans, and that gets you all the trailer design detail, as well as the conversion to a tilt top trailer.

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Fits 4′ and 5′ Width Utility Trailer Plans

  • This is NOT a trailer, it is a conversion to change a fixed tongue trailer to one with a tilting deck.
  • These plans fit the Mechanical Elements Utility Trailers with a nominal 4′ and 5′ Width — AND — 3500 lbs capacity.  For wider trailers, see the 6′ and 6’10” wide Conversion Plans.
  • Tilt Tongue Capacity for 3500 lbs trailers up to 5′ wide and 10′ length.
  • Construction in steel, and mostly, these plans use the same materials that are also used in other areas of the base trailer.
  • Pivoting allows full range — tongue on the ground, and tail on the ground.
  • Works with both Leaf Spring style suspension and Torsion Axles.
  • Works with both Straight Axles and 4″ Drop Axles.
  • “Gravity Tilt” includes a simple mechanical, manual pivot.  Plans show how to make the action smooth, and get the fit right.
  • Uses a hitch pin for certain security.  Other additions like spring latches are also options.
  • Blueprints include all the detail needed to change the base trailer plans into tilt trailer plans.  There is a materials list as well as notes about changes from the base trailer.  Complete in the drawings.
  • Note, we don’t know how this will fit trailer plans from other vendors.  We recommend you build this tilt top conversion with a trailer specified above from right here at Mechanical Elements.

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More About The Design Features

More About The Design Features

This is a simple design that’s easy to implement.  For the trailers it will fit, there are very few changes needed.  For some, one cross member is added.  For others, one cross member is replaced.  The rest of the trailer design remains the same.

Of course, the tongue is changed, and the pivot supporting parts are added.  All of the detail necessary to make the conversion is in these plans.

If a Tilt Top is an option you want, this is an easy way to get it.

The great thing is all the options in the trailer plans still work with this tilt tongue.  (One exception, the under trailer ramp storage is compromised.)  All the other options work with the Tilt Top Conversion.

For more info on designing these blueprints, please read the Tilting Conversion Announcement.

Conversion in Action

Construction requires metal cutting, drilling, and welding.  Basically the same tools and skills required to build the trailer it goes with.

Good luck with your project !!

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