5′ x 10′ – 2000# – Lightweight Camper Chassis

Build your dream Teardrop or Mini camper on this awesome 5 x 10, 2000# torsion axle trailer.  The chassis is lightweight, yet sturdy for all the places you will go.  And, it has a bunch of options to meet your needs.

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Every lightweight Teardrop and Mini camper needs a chassis.  This is a lightweight foundation design for the small and light camper builders.  It’s light, but it is also sturdy to handle the many miles and wonderful places you’ll go.  (It will also work as the base for a light utility trailer if that is your purpose.)

Direct from the plans, this 5’x 10′ is a great mid size.  Wide enough for a double, or double XL mattress.  Best of all, you can make the trailer a little wider or a little narrower to fit your needs.  (Like wider for a queen size.)  So, build the chassis to fit your goals.  The plans even explain where you can change materials for a little less weight or to change it functionality.

Teardrop ChassisThe base design of camper chassis has a 2000 lb torsion axle for a smooth ride.  Then, there are options.  Change the tire size, or add a tongue tray for storage.  Choose your fender style, add running boards, leveling jacks, or whatever you need.  Build your camper on the platform that will support your needs.

Engineering for this camper chassis is complete for a torsion axle, including a strong frame and options for deck height.

Plans include easy to follow, illustrated instructions, with a parts list, materials list, and recommendations for optional components.  Images on these pages do NOT reflect all the various options.  See more in the accordions below, then use your imagination to make this trailer bring your dreams to life.

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If your goals are heavier than 2000 lbs, or if you need more strength for a serious off-road rig, we also have the same size, 5′ x 10′ but in a more robust 3500 lb capacity.



5′ x 10′ – 2000# – Torsion Axle Trailer Plans

  • 5′ x 10′ Functional Size (though the actual frame is a little larger, both length and width).  Plans show where size can modify to be a little wider or narrower.
  • Designed for a single, Torsion Axle – 2000 lb. Capacity.
  • Steel Construction using Tube, Channel, and Angle for a robust design.
  • Options for steel beam members explained in the plans for various purposes of the trailer.
  • Options allowed for multiple ways of attaching the camper cabin.
  • Has design options for a various accessories like leveling jacks, running boards, tongue platform, and more.  Choose what you like, or add your own.
  • Trailer weight varies with design options, but will range from 360 lbs (minimal flat bed) up.  See the FAQ on trailer weight.
  • Full Blueprints for the trailer AND Illustrated Instructions are both included to assist with the build.
  • Teardrop or Mini Camper design is not included.
Teardrop Phantom on Trailer
Phantom Teardrop shows some possibilities with the camper chassis.

This trailer is made lightweight as a mini camper or teardrop chassis.  The trailer is the foundation for your coming adventures, so make the foundation solid.

Trailer will work well for mild off-road use, and will certainly follow your car wherever it goes.  However, for bigger adventures, check out the 5×10-3500 lb TA Utility Trailer Plans as a platform for an Adventure Trailer in the same size.  It will handle more weight, and more of the off-road duties.

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More About The Design Features

More About The Design Features

Lightweight Campers like the various Teardrop styles make a great DIY project.  They also make a wonderful way to create memories.  This lightweight chassis is a great start as a platform to build on.  And, many cars and small SUV’s can easily pull a 2000 lbs trailer.

Here is more information about the features of trailers made from these plans.  Please note that there are many options included in the plans, including the ability to adjust the size a bit.  You are not limited.  Look through the options we show, choose those you like, then add ideas of your own.  Make the chassis perfect for your camping adventures.

Lightweight Mini Camper Chassis

5 x 10, 2000 Pound Lightweight Trailer Chassis Technical Information

  • True trailer deck size (as shown in the plans) is 5 ft. 2″ wide by 10 ft. 3.5″. long.
  • Design size will comfortably fit a Full (54” x 75”) or Full XL (54” x 80”) mattress.
  • Trailer dimensions may be expanded or contracted 6″ in width or length.  (Length may be reduced even more for a shorter length trailer if desired.)
  • Overall length including the tongue is ~147 inches.  (Can vary with options.)
  • Trailer bed height depends on design options and can range from 14 inches up.  (Bed height shown is approximately 17″.)
  • Max capacity of this 5 x 10 chassis is 2000 lbs.*  This includes the chassis, cabin, and cargo.
  • True Torsion Axle Trailer Design – Engineered for long life – even under full load.
  • You are invited to also check out the Mechanic’s construction tips and advice as you build your trailer.

The chassis is just the start.  Get them here – you can have them in just a few minutes – then start building.  Then, complete the build with your choice of camper or teardrop cabin.

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Maximizing Your Project

Plans from Mechanical Elements are an awesome start to a great project.  Here are even more resources!


Maximizing Your Project

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