6′ x 12′ x 3500# – Utility Trailer Plans

6′ x 12′ x 3500# – Utility Trailer Plans

Blueprints for a Strong and Stable 6×12 utility trailer.  This single axle, 3500# capacity trailer with many options is ideal for a million uses.  We provide great DIY Plans for builders who want the best.

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The 6×12 utility trailer is the most popular of our 6′ width trailers.  It’s great for business, landscaping projects, ATV’s, moving, . . . you name it.  Lots of volume, yet very maneuverable and it tows great.  Build the trailer, in a great size, and build it to last.

Like all our trailers plans, these include many options that you can choose to make the trailer perfect for you.  Choose sides, ramps, tailgate, or other options.  Choose from various components that will make it best fit your needs.  There are several functional extras like various tie-down options you can choose.  It’s your trailer, so we provide the fully engineered base, and give ideas, then you build the trailer you need.

These plans for a 6×12 single axle utility trailer are 3500 lbs capacity.  This is a leaf spring design, yet, if you prefer, we also have a Torsion Axle Conversion for it.  See below.

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We have alternate sizes — like 6′ x 10′  or  6’10” x 12′ — if that works better.

Open “Alternate Sizes & Conversions” below to make this a Tilt Top Trailer.
For a Torsion Axle, we have a conversion for that too.



6′ x 12′ x 3500# – Utility Trailer Plans

  • Single axle, leaf spring design.
  • 6′ x 12′ nominal bed size.
  • 3500 lb. trailer axle rating.
  • Welded steel frame construction for strength and robustness.
  • Option for rear Tailgate that folds to a Ramp.  See the above images.
  • Several options for the deck and for trailer sides.
  • Removable ramp that stores under the trailer, then lots of tie-down points.
  • Includes bonus plans for making a motorcycle travel stand.
  • Plans include complete drawings and illustrated instructions.

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More About The Design Features

More About The Design Features

The trailer engineering includes many details that are not immediately evident by looking at it.  Here are some of those details. This is a Synthesis design made for maximum usability because we want your trailer to be a success for a long time into the future.

It’s the little details that make it enjoyable, and the plans are full of them.  Even the things as simple as giving options for what kind of tailgate or ramp system you want.
Tailgate Options with the 6x12 Utility Trailer

6×12 Utility Trailer Plans Details

  • * Bed size on these 6×12 utility trailer plans is 2″ wider than 6 ft. and 3.5″ longer than the 12 ft. length indicated.
  • Total length with the tongue is ~199″, though options may change that for your application.
  • Bed height ranges from 16″ up, depending on options chosen. (Bed height shown is ~19″ with a drop axle.)
  • Axle capacity is 3500 lbs.*  This is the total load capacity which includes the weight of trailer and options.
  • Typical dry weight is 800+ lbs for the simple flatbed version.  However, adding options like sides or tailgate or toolbox will make it heavier.
  • There are many options are in the plans to extend function.  Some options are mutually exclusive, but not all options are in these pictures.  See the animated image for some of the ideas.
  • These 6×12 utility trailer plans also include customization ideas for special uses – from ATV & motorcycles, to trash or furniture or landscape needs.

Some Options Available on The 6x12

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Alternate Sizes & Conversions

Alternate Sizes & Conversions

Not Quite The Perfect Trailer?  Check These Too.

More trailer sizes and variations are available.  See All Trailer Plans.

Want This Trailer With A Torsion Axle?

Torsion ConversionA Torsion Axle provides some nice benefits for some applications.  If you want this trailer, but with a Torsion, we have Plans for the Conversion.  They show the changes to properly strengthen the frame for mounting the Torsion Axle.

Conversion plans are sold separate.  You will need both the above Trailer Plans and these Torsion Axle Conversion Plans.

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Make It A Tilt Top?

Tilt ConversionIf you want this trailer as a Tilt Top, we have Plans for the Conversion.  They show how to make this trailer with a tilting top, like in the image.

Conversion plans are sold separate.  You will need both the above Trailer Plans and these Tilt Top Conversion Plans.

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Maximize Your Project

Plans from Mechanical Elements are an awesome start to a great project.  Here are even more resources!


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  1. 5 out of 5

    DaveF (verified owner)

    Wanted to build a 6×12 trailer and found these great plans. Never had built one before and this was info I needed for material list and step by step instructions to get started. Was a great winter project and real happy with a useful, solid trailer.

    EDITOR: DaveF also submitted a Customer Story with photos so you can see the trailer he built.

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