6’10” x 20′ – 10,400 Lbs – Car Hauler / Equipment Trailer Plans

10,400 lbs capacity / Full Width x 20′ / HD I-Beam Design / Tandem Axles / Low Fixed Deck / Full Engineering  —  and that’s just the start.  These plans are a mighty car hauler & equipment transport trailer.

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What do you want in Car Hauler trailer plans?  These are NOT another copy-cat or run-of-the-mill trailer.  We do the full engineering to make Heavy Duty trailers that will perform when you need them.  This is an I-Beam design which is tough so you don’t ever have to worry.  The I-Beams give strength while allowing the deck to stay low.  Put your truck on it, put your tractor on it.  Snag that perfect garage find.

A ton of study went into this design before the pen even met the paper.  Then, this trailer is one of the results.  With a Fixed Deck, slide out ramps, removable fenders, and a ton of other options – this trailer is made to optimize.

Yes, there are a bunch of different needs to meet, so choose the options you want.  If a 20′ long, fixed deck is the Car Hauler / Equipment Transport format you need, these plans will definitely carry your car, or truck, or tractor, or side-by-sides, or equipment, or whatever you need.

Engineering Analysis not Guessing

Robust design with full engineering – and a lot of options – in plans you can build from.  That’s Mechanical Elements, where we do the engineering so you don’t have to guess.  It’s all here in these Car Hauler Trailer Plans.

It’s as much a Car Hauler as an Equipment Transport, so drive on, and drive away.  See all the images above, then read the plans specifications below for more detail about the features.  We also have an article that talks about why’s of this trailer design.  Good luck with your project.

Fixed Deck Car Hauler Trailer Plans

10,400 lbs Total Capacity with tandem 5200 lb axles.  Strength is in the I-Beam construction, which is much stronger than C-Channel of similar size.  That makes this trailer perform better for the long term, and the long haul – especially if there are twisty or bumpy roads in your future.  Read more in the accordions below.

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Also, for a little higher capacity see the 18.5′, 12,000 lbs. Car Trailer Plans and the even heavier duty 20′, 14,000 / 16,000 lbs. Equipment Trailer Plans.



6’10” x 20′ – 10,400 lbs – Car Hauler / Equipment Transport Trailer Plans

  • Tandem axles with leaf springs — use double eye or slipper style.
  • 6’10” x 20′ nominal deck size.  (Actual size is a little longer.)  Width at the fenders is 102 inches.
  • I-Beam construction for compact strength.
  • The Instructions Document explains how to shorten the length (if you want) from 20′ to 19′ or 18′.  It’s an option.
  • Several options for the Deck style are included.  Choose Plywood, Planks, Split Deck, or Metal.
  • Frame construction is welded steel — I-Beam and C-Channel primarily.
  • Fenders are Removable.  Or, weld them on, or bolt them down solid.
  • Choose to make the hidden ramps that slide away under the deck for storage.
  • Ramps include several options for Length, Width, Capacity, and Material.  We give you the engineering, then you choose the size and strength you want.
  • Multiple options are given for tie-down anchor points.
  • Choose a front rail, in short or tall.
  • A winch option is also included.  Make it stationary, or removable with a hitch pin.  It’s all in the plans.
  • A toolbox option and the appropriate mounting is included.
  • There are options for a tongue jack, as well as options for rear supports.
  • The download package includes the full set of Drawings (40 pages) plus the Instructions document (20 pages) with materials lists, options, explanations, Engineering Considerations, and illustrated instructions.

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More About The Design Features

More About The Design Features

While it’s nice to think of one super trailer, the truth is, there are a bunch of various needs.  That’s why we give options.  Whether you’re hauling Cars, or some kind of Equipment, there are always options that make your job easier.

Make the trailer just the way you want it, and use the included options as a start point to build it.  These plans start with a firm base, then guide the build with options, and options of options.

We think customizing for the perfect trailer is the way to go.  Get the plans, then build the trailer you need.  Use the options within, or add your own.

Equipment Transport Trailer

Equipment Transport / Car Hauler Trailer Plans

  • * Trailers built from these tandem axle trailer plans have an actual bed width of 6 feet 10 inches, and bed length of 20 feet 3.5 inches.
  • Overall length including the tongue is just over 25 feet.
  • Trailer bed height will depend on design options chosen and will range from 20″ up. (Bed height shown is ~21″ using drop axles.)
  • Max trailer capacity is 10,400 lbs  —  (combined axle rating)* which includes the trailer and everything on it.
  • Trailer weight will vary depending on design options.  The 10K base trailer is ~1500+ lbs without the deck.  Tie-Down options, Decking choices, Toolbox, Winch, Battery, Ramps, Jack Styles, etc. all add to the weight.
  • Lots of options are in the plans.  Things like Decking choices, Tie-down points, Ramps (with options for length and strength), a mounted toolbox, a winch, jacks, removable fenders, front rail, etc. are there for optional functionality.  Some options are mutually exclusive.  Not all options are in the pictures here.
  • The plans are ready for you to download, right after payment.  Just click the link and save it to your computer.  You can get started today.
  • Download is a .ZIP file which contains the full drawing package as well as the materials and instructions document.

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Maximizing Your Project

Plans from Mechanical Elements are an awesome start to a great project.  Here are even more resources!


Maximizing Your Project

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