30′ or 32′ Tiny Home Trailer Foundation Plans

With options for length and capacity, these plans address unique needs of a Tiny House Trailer.  8.5’ x 32’ or 30’, low deck height.  18,000 lbs, 21,000 lbs, or 24,000 lbs capacity.  Fully Engineered.

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The not so tiny, tiny home foundation.  Our most popular Tiny House Trailer Plans are now

Updated & Expanded with Features You Requested!

This is the next generation of our very popular 32-ft Tiny House Trailer Plans.  The new plans include many changes – by customer request:

  1. Even lower deck height.
  2. More options, and higher trailer load capacity.
  3. Simplification for the build process.
  4. An even better thermal envelope capable.
  5. Easier routing for house plumbing and wiring.
  6. Changes for a more “Standard” axle size.
  7. Added notes, more views, and improved plans detail.
  8. And More . . . . .

These are the Highlights.  –  Get all the detail about improvements in the article about Next Generation Design Improvements.

Build at 32′ or the optional 30′ length.  Plans now include new capacity choices:  18,000 lbs;  or 21,000 lbs (primary design);  or up to 24,000 lbs.  These are just a few options to help you make it perfect.  These blueprints are the start to a solid foundation for your new tiny house.

Tiny House Trailer Plans

At 32 feet long, tiny is not so tiny.  Yet, these Trailer Plans focus on strength and stiffness for a strong tiny house foundation.  Compare any other trailer for stiffness, strength, and easy house build accommodations.  We believe these are the best to build your Tiny House on Wheels.

All plans are FULLY ENGINEERED and designed from the start as a Tiny House foundation.  They are not a revision from a utility flatbed or car hauler.  Engineering Case Study.  We put strength and stiffness right to the perimeter to support walls and roof loads, so you can build the trailer, and the house, to last a lifetime.

Plans include many features to customize your tiny home – including all the needed wall anchoring accommodations, construction techniques for easier building, and a low flat floor!  Speaking of floors, who doesn’t appreciate vertical headroom (and loft space)?  These plans integrate floor support right into the frame, including a thermal envelope.  For homeowners, these plans make a sweet trailer design to build on.

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Sizes to Meet Your Tiny Style

Not the right size?  Choose the best size for your Tiny House with these trailer plans:



30′ or 32′ Tiny Home Trailer Foundation Plans

  • 8.5′ x 32′ nominal trailer size, or use the 30′ option.  (Actual frame size of 100″ width, to allow the house finish within the legal limit.)
  • 18,000 lb. or 21,000 lb. or 24,000 lb. capacity options.  * Includes trailer and full load as total capacity.
  • Bumper pull trailer with triple axles.
  • Optimized low floor allowing maximum vertical space inside.
  • Trailer frame is steel, using I-Beams running full length.
  • Trailer weight is around 3200 lbs – 3600 lbs.  (More or less with options and customizing.)  This number does not include weight of options, flooring, etc..)
  • Frame design is specific for supporting load at the perimeter – where the tiny home outside walls set.
  • Special frame design makes for easier construction with full length cross members and an integrated house floor.
  • Below the deck, the design accommodates a good thermal envelope, and above the deck, you can adapt your house floor plan without worry of a cold floor.
  • Many options are in the trailer plans so you can customize it the way you want.
  • Full detail blueprints, plus illustrated instructions are available now for immediate download.  Get started today.

The trailers at on Mechanical Elements are designed and Fully Engineered for the jobs intended.  Since Tiny House trailer plans have unique needs, we design these for the job.  These are NOT re-worked from industrial trailers, they are purposeful design for tiny houses.

You requested a 30+ foot design, so that is a design option.  You asked for more capacity, so we now offer more.  We like challenges, and in this case you benefit from the work.  Read the Engineering Case Study at Synthesis.

Long and Low - 30' or 32' Tiny House Trailer as DIY Plans

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More About The Design Features

More About The Design Features

To highlight all the details of these Next Generation 32′ tiny house trailer plans, we wrote an article.  Please read “Next Generation Tiny House Trailer Design Improvements” for more information.  These are changes driven by many customer comments and feedback over the years.

Almost all the feedback we get is super positive, but every once in a while, there are some valid requests – like a desire for a trailer with a little more capacity.

The Design Is For You

As we design one-of-a-kind specialty Tiny House Trailer Plans (for individuals with specific needs).  But, we also have these plans that offer you all the best engineering for a tiny fraction of the price.  Think of it as a 99% discount!

We now have several sets of plans to meet various needs.  This one at 32′ (with the option to build it at 30′ length).  Then, our 24′ version and the shorter 20′ plans, so you get the engineering benefits without the custom trailer plans price!

One frequent desire is a low deck (house floor) to enhance the interior headroom (within legal height limits).  That is one great feature of these tiny house trailer plans, and it comes from innovative thinking and careful engineering.  Of course it has the option for drop axles, but we did a lot more.  The floor integrates into the frame which saves vertical inches, because living tiny does not mean cramped.

Specifically As Tiny House Trailer Plans

Finite Element Analysis for Tiny Home Trailer Plans
20′ Trailer Analysis in this Image. The 32′ Frame Analysis is Similar.

Engineering in these plans has all we know from other tiny house trailers.  Since every house deserves a solid foundation, this frame has a cool construction technique to support the perimeter where the bulk of the load resides.  This cool technique also simplifies trailer construction and helps in making everything straight and flat.

But it’s even more.  We use engineering tools like FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to back up our claims of “Stiff” and “Strong”.  If you are ready for a new Tiny Home, then these fully engineered and purposefully designed plans are definitely the way to go.

  • Trailer frame is 100″ wide so finish siding can extend beyond the frame 1″ on either side.  This hides the frame, while staying within the 8.5′ (102″) legal limit.
  • Choose your trailer capacity:  Choose 18,000 lbs, 21,000 lbs, or the massive 24,000 lbs total capacity.  Details for each of these options are in the plans.
  • Design includes a perimeter ledge to support the walls.  Anchoring is flexible to fit your unique floor plan and make building both easy and robust.
  • Material selections are for strength and stiffness unique to a Tiny Home Foundation.  I-Beams for the main loads; Rectangular Tube for crossmembers to resist frame twist;  The floor and exterior walls bolt directly to the frame.
  • The house floor integrates down into the trailer frame to lower the floor and give maximum headspace.
  • Integration of sides, walls, and flooring with the frame design allows maximum space for the house.
  • The floor integration also offers a unique thermal envelope that is not available with other trailers.

All this because the design has focus – from the first thought – as Tiny House Trailer Plans.

Start Your Tiny Home Trailer Right

If you are looking for a sturdy Tiny Home mobile foundation, then you’ve come to the right place.  Mechanical Elements plans deserve a long look, because of the many engineering features.  Build it to last a lifetime – and more.  Build it well, then it will serve you well.

Order the plans, then download them immediately!!  You can start construction right away!  The solid foundation from these Tiny House Trailer Plans is the first step to a fantastic new home.

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Maximizing Your Project

Plans from Mechanical Elements are an awesome start to a great project.  Here are even more resources!


Maximizing Your Project

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