Torsion Axle Conversion Plans, 6′ Wide, 3500#

Build your trailer with a Torsion Axle instead.  Use these Conversion Plans to make the axle change with confidence.  The design fits all our 6′ Width, 3500#, Single Axle Utility Trailers.

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Make your Torsion Axle Conversion with confidence, since these are full engineering plans.  No need to guess if you’re doing it right.

A Torsion Axle is one of many trailer suspension options, and it does have benefits for ride quality.  It also has some benefits in ease of construction since the axle comes as a single package.  (No need to measure and set all the leaf spring brackets individually.)  So, how do you convert?

There are things different for a leaf spring suspension compared to a torsion axle.  Of course, both support the trailer weight, but they transfer the forces to the frame in different ways.  For engineering illustrations, see the Trailer Axles Comparison article.  No judgement, it’s just different, so the trailer design changes a little for each axle type.  Read more about converting.

For light duty trailers that need a soft ride, torsion is a good choice.  A show bike trailer, and a teardrop camper, are good examples.  Torsions with neutral angle down have more ground clearance at the axle than leaf spring axles.  Torsions with neutral angle up can give a lower deck.  All of the benefits have their place.

This Torsion Axle Conversion fits our 6′ wide, single axle, 3500# utility trailers.  Choose your 6′ wide trailer plans, then use these plans for the design changes.  You will need both plans, since the conversion plans only show the differences.

These Torsion Axle conversion plans have the engineering to make the axle conversion with confidence.
Good luck with your project!

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The Torsion Axle Conversion fits these Single Axle Trailer Plan sizes:
—  6×8-3500#  —  6×10-3500#  —  6×12-3500#  —

A separate set of Conversion Plans are available for trailers that are 6′ 10″ wide.



6′ – Torsion Axle Conversion Plans

  • For Mechanical Elements 6′ Width, Single Axle Trailer Plans.
  • Plans contain the details needed to change from a Leaf Spring suspension to a Torsion Axle.
  • These plans show only the changes, so the regular trailer plans are also required.
  • Single, Torsion Axle design at 3500 lbs total trailer capacity.
  • Options for deck height ranges (for more axle ground clearance or for a lower deck height).
  • Weight varies with axle options.  This conversion does not significantly change the total trailer weight.
  • This conversion works with all the normal trailer plans options EXCEPT storing the ramp under the trailer bed.  All other options work.
  • Plans show the changes in parts and materials needed for the conversion.
  • Torsion Axle ordering information is included.
  • Plans include complete Drawings and illustrated Instructions — all the info needed to make the conversion.

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More About The Design Features

More About The Design Features

These Conversion Plans go hand in hand with the main trailer plans.  We could have created a bunch of added Torsion Axle trailer plans, but giving a long list seems awkward for you.  These conversion plans solve that problem by allowing you to choose the trailer you need, then make the conversion you want.

Conversion In The PlansWe recommend you look through these conversion plans along with the trailer plans to see the material changes required.  It’s just a few things, and the obvious axle difference.  These conversion plans show the differences, so you can confidently make the axle change knowing that the engineering is all done for you.

All the options shown in the trailer plans also work with this conversion, EXCEPT the option for a ramp that slides in and stores under the trailer.  All the others, like sides or tailgate, a tongue mounted toolbox, tie-down bars, and more work just fine with the torsion axle conversion.

Use these plans along with the trailer plans to customize your new trailer and make it perfect.

6′ – Single Axle – 3500# – Torsion Axle Conversion

  • The Axle conversion does not change the size of the trailer.  Choose your 6′ Width trailer, then use these plans to make the axle conversion.
  • Overall trailer length does not change.  Overall width is a little more with the torsion axle because the hub face distance is a little more with this design.
  • Trailer deck height depends on you choice of the Torsion Axle neutral angle.  Can be higher or lower than the conventional leaf spring suspension design.
  • Max capacity (for the trailer and for the conversion) is 3500#, * which includes the trailer weight.
  • True Torsion Axle Utility Trailer Design — Engineered for long life — even with full loading.
  • While the plans do have the build steps, there is more info to help in the trailer and construction tips here on the website.

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Maximizing Your Project

Plans from Mechanical Elements are an awesome start to a great project.  Here are even more resources!


Maximizing Your Project

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