Dump Trailer Plans – And Build Video

Need Plans to build a better built Dump Trailer?  How about a 7′ x 14′ dump bed with 14,000 lbs trailer capacity.  I can tell you where to get them, and we know the plans are great, because Synthesis Engineering did them.

Now why in the world would I write about a competitor’s trailer plans?  That’s a good question, and the answer is simple.  Here’s some background.

Mechanical Elements is the DIY and retail side of Synthesis Engineering Services.  Among many other things, at Synthesis we design trailers – mostly specialty and custom trailers for customers that have a need.  (Read this Case Study if you’re interested.)  We help customers evaluate their needs, set the trailer design goals, then we work through the design for solutions.

Of course, at Synthesis we also produce all the project plans that are available here at MechanicalElements.com.

If you look around, it’s easy to see that our Fully Engineered plans are a step above the competition.  By design, we look for ways to include options and function in our plans so you can make your perfect trailer.

That paradigm was noticed by Johnson Trailer Parts, as they sought trailer plans of their own.  At Synthesis & Mechanical Elements, we are not driven by a hording ego.  We believe the best things in life come back as we give.  Also, we get what we need as we help others get what they need.  So, we did the trailer designs for them.

Video:  Building a Dump Trailer From Plans

Here is the first Dump Trailer build from the plans Synthesis did for them.  They did a great job with this video.  A touch long, perhaps, but I think they did a stellar job with the cinematics and build views.  So, Enjoy It !!

These dump trailer plans are totally new, designed for Johnson Trailer Parts from a clean white piece of paper.  While it was built to their specifications, the trailer design and the engineering is from Synthesis.  We did the design, and they did the build — and they created the cool video.  If you like it, feel free to follow it to YouTube and let them know in the comments.  I’m sure they will appreciate it.

Plans For Sale

The decision to help them was easy, because they are a good bunch.  It’s a family business and they like to take care of their customers.  We are their customer for parts, and they come to us for plans.  It works.  If you want these Dump Trailer Plans, they are available for sale at Johnson.

I hear it coming . . . Why don’t we have Dump Trailer Plans?  Good question.  It’s the way we roll.  They paid us to design the trailer and provide the plans, so we will not step on their toes.  After all, what would I do better?  I think the plans are pretty good right now.

What Is The Motivation?

Do we get royalties?  No.  The plans belong to Johnson Trailer Parts, not to us.  Which is just fine.

So, going back to the first question, why in the world would I write about a competitor’s dump trailer plans?  Because you, as our customer, may want the plans, so we’ll send you to them to fill that need.  We know the plans are good, so we are happy to direct you that way.

Oh sure, just like everyone, we like to make money in what we do, but that is not our guiding directive.  First and foremost, we believe the world needs more kindness, and if that means helping you find something — especially if it’s something we don’t offer.  We’re happy to do it.  Second, selling DIY plans is a good hobby.  Some Dump Trailer Plans will not make us rich or poor.  It’s just a thing.  Our big revenues come with engineering the future in Custom Machines, new Product Development, and other Technical endeavors.

Trailers are fun, and so are Cranes and other Shop Tools.  We make the plans and talk about them.  It’s also fun to share the know-how and some perspective.  After all, that’s what Mechanical Elements is all about.

Happy Building !!


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