Escape From COVID In DIY

What more can we say about Coronavirus?  The daily press updates are full of horrible news!  There’s so much concern and sadness everywhere.  Then there’s the “Stay at Home” mandates.  I need an emotional escape from COVID !!

We feel so sad for all those directly affected — because it’s a devastating disease.  At the same time we honor all those working to save lives — and to support those on the front lines.  Thank you.

Now for the rest of us . . . . What to do cooped up at home all day?  Well, for me, staying busy is the key to sanity.  I watch the news once a day because that’s all my heart can take.  We need to keep up on the happenings, of course, but we also need to keep positive and smiling.  For me, that means a good project to consume my thoughts.  (I can only watch so much of movies and re-runs.)

Think of it as “making lemonade” because right now life has certainly dealt us a heap of lemons.

Ways To Take Advantage

Chair to FinishIf you are one that is off work because of this pandemic:  First, know that our thoughts are with you.  Second, if you have the ability, use this time to catch up on the projects you’ve been delaying.  How about fixing that dripping faucet that’s been bugging you for a while?  Or, refinish that antique chair that’s been calling to you?

Even if you’re still working . . . if you’re working at home, then you’ve got added time.  Since we can’t go out for things that occupied so much time before, might as well make the most of it.  The pandemic is effecting almost everyone — even if it’s not the disease itself, certainly having a “Stay at Home” mandate changes things.  It’s from this part we say it’s time to Escape From COVID.

There’s nothing like finishing a task or doing a project to build moral.  Remember, positivity and smiles boost the immune system!

Think about it . . . . We’re told to stay at home . . . And DIY (Do It Yourself) is great to occupy your time . . . AND a great way to get things done.

I’m not suggesting that we should look forward to being out of work, or that we should celebrate the circumstances that give us the time.  No, I’m just looking to find ways to make the most of it.  It’s an emotional escape from COVID.

What Can You Do To Escape From COVID?

The question of “What to do” is often one we get from kids.  Yet, for most adults, the list is long and it’s more a matter of “What should I do right now?”  However, as an escape from COVID, there are some things that work better.  Pick your project based on 3 criteria:

  1. What can I do easily with the things I have already at home?
  2. Is there something that would really please another family member?  Perhaps your husband or wife?
  3. Which projects have been nagging you? — I did NOT say which project has someone been nagging you about.
  4. Is there an organization you can help that is doing great things for others during the pandemic?  There is nothing as powerful for keeping your self sane as helping others.  Volunteer your time, your expertise, or your knowledge.  Our world is better one person at a time when we pitch in.

Bicycle Wheels for PhotosThoughts About The Above List:

#1:  I don’t know how you feel, but for me, doing #1 gives a great positive feeling.  A couple quick fixes, repairs or jobs that can be done quickly really lift my spirits.

#2:  When we’re “locked up” at home, it can be easy to get on each other’s nerves.  Break that trend and escape from CoVID by doing something one of your family members would really like.  ESPECIALLY if it can check both boxes — #1 and #2.  The bicycle wheels for photos in this image is a great example.  Serving each other is one of the best ways to spend your time — with or without the coronavirus.

#3:  Don’t read too much into my use of the word “nag”.  Yeah, it has a negative connotation, but I think it fits.  For instance, there are a couple things I need to fix in the basement.  Every time I’m down there, I feel those projects calling to me.  It’s kind of like nagging, because they won’t fix themselves.

Finally, serve others.  My wife is using her sewing skills to make masks.  To me, that’s a great example.  It doesn’t check one of the boxes above, but it’s DIY that’s truly worthwhile.  Volunteering to distribute food or assist with families suffering from sickness, COVID or unemployment is a best escape.

Some Specific Things To Escape From COVID

If the above list doesn’t stimulate something in your mind, try one of these more specific things.

  1. So start another project.
  2. Read some of the Mechanic’s Tips and Blog Posts about DIY projects.
  3. Tell us about one of your Solutions! — or better yet, go create a new Solution! then tell us about it.
  4. Browse the Plans to decide about your next big project.  Check here if you’re wondering which trailer plans are right for you.
  5. Finally, work on straightening the shop and expanding the Essential Shop Tools.

Hopefully one of these will keep you out of trouble in these troubling times.

We Wish You Safety.  Please Stay Well.

The pandemic is no joke.  Even if we ourselves don’t get it bad, we can unknowingly spread it to others who may get it really bad.  I’m willing to stay in as a simple thing to help others — Are you?

For sure, this is a disaster to our economy and to lots of businesses.  Yet, I think we can handle it as a service to each other.  Please do.  The quicker we can make this go away, the better.

Find an escape from COVID that keeps your spirits up.  This is definitely not what we Want in 2020, but it’s here, so find a way to make it palatable.

In the meantime, do something great!  Build interpersonal relationships with your family, and get a few good things done.  We wish you the best, and we hope you can stay well.


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