Why BUY Plans, If You Can Get FREE Plans?

It’s a big dilemma.  Why buy trailer plans (or crane plans or whatever) when you can get free plans?  Some websites have free plans, other places charge.  So what’s the big deal?  And, Why should I pay for plans here instead of getting some elsewhere for free?

We get this question a lot, and one simple answer is “You get what you pay for.”  But that’s not totally true, because we have the best plans around, but we certainly don’t charge the most.  Our goal is to deliver value — better plans for a great price.

Mechanical Elements

Mechanical Elements on a phone.We tout MechanicalElements.com as a DIY Portal because we offer much more than just blueprints.  Of course, the plans we offer are second to none — fully engineered, with illustrated instructions and complete detailed drawings.  Yet, the site is much more including great free articles and “How To’s”.  Our focus is on helping you in your project.  Yes, we prefer that you buy plans here, because they’re the best, but the articles we provide are universal to help DIY creators everywhere.

For example, Check out the articles on Trailer Wiring (and this one), or on Building Frames.  There are articles on Crane Safety, ways to Save Money on DIY projects, and more.  Your success is our focus.

While most of our blueprints focus on Trailers and Shop Tools (presses, gantry cranes, etc), we also include other DIY topics.

Why Not FREE Plans?

Certainly we study the “Free” plans out there, and though free is nice, the free plans lack attention that we believe customers deserve.  We don’t categorize all free plans the same, but many lack full engineering, others lack needed detail, explanations, instruction, or options for versatility.

Plans from Mechanical Elements are designed at Synthesis Engineering by an engineer that is also a welder and a fabricator.  Many other plans are from by a shop guy that knows a little AutoCAD.  Or from a college student doing a class project.  I’m not knocking the ingenuity of those who create free plans.  However, for customers that appreciate quality, want completeness, like knowledge, and deserve peace of mind when the project is done, we offer better plans — inexpensively.  Ours are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but they are the best.  Read more below for our Value Proposition.

What Do I Get For The Money?

Check out the Mechanical Elements Plans Store for a full view of plans we offer.  They all include several pages of instruction as well as the detail drawings.  They give some explanation of why certain things are done, and options to change things for a different end result.  Options are one of the big benefits our our plans.  Most people want details of their own, and while many people know how to figure it out, it’s always good to look at how others have done it.  Our plans are full of options.

Options in our Plans - Not in Free Plans

Of course, you also get the engineering behind the plans.  As easy as some projects seem — a utility trailer, for instance — the engineering to make it right is not simple, fast or cheap.  We want it right so you have a successful project.  Read more about How We Make The Plans.

Example of Our Value Proposition

A complete set of trailer blueprints with instructions can cost $2000 – $8000 to create (depending on the details).  That’s engineering time for concept evaluation, layout and analysis, engineering iteration, drafting time for the drawings and details, then all the writing for instructions, bill of materials, notes, and more.  That doesn’t include the added time for engineering the options and explaining how to use them.

Continuing the example of trailer plans . . . . . When we sell the plans for $15 to $50, that’s a super bargain.  Think of it as a 99% discount, and that’s something to get excited about.

We offer value to those looking to make a great project.  There are sites that offer free plans, and we won’t knock them, but we do find their plans lacking.  Usually, you get what you pay for, but we’ll let you be the judge for your situation.

Then, at the other end of the spectrum, we also offer full custom, fully engineered plans.  Try this article about Custom Trailer Engineering for ideas, and the same is true for many projects.  It’s exactly the opposite of free trailer plans.

The Author

I am the Engineer.  I am also a trailer builder, and a machine designer and fabricator.  More importantly, I seek to understand the nuances with every project.  The trailer plans started with units I built with a friend.  Other items in our store are things I wanted, so I designed them and built them.  That just means our plans are at the level of detail I want when I start a project.  Read more of our story and About Us.

Are There Free Plans At Mechanical Elements?

With all that said, if you still want our plans for free, we have just the offer for you.  That page gives all the detail about how you can get our plans for free.  It’s not actually free plans, it’s a trade.  You help us, and we’ll help you.  That works.  We are NOT all about making money, but we do believe in trading value for value.  So, we’ll give you the option.

Get Building !!

We wish you the best of luck with all your projects.  If your projects include plans from Mechanical Elements, THANK YOU, that’s awesome.  If not, that’s great too.  Feel free to use any of our free resources — especially the articles in “The Mechanic’s Post“.  After all, they are for you, and every DIY builder.  Just get building!

Thanks for Visiting, Good Luck with Your Projects, and Have a Wonderful Day.


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