How Do I Get Free Trailer Plans?

You’re Asking . . . So We’ll Deliver!  I agree, free trailer plans does sound good.  And, for that matter, Free Gantry Crane Plans, Free Press Plans, Free Any-Of-The-Plans-We-Have!  OK, so let’s make a deal.

Trailer Blueprints Page Example For Free Trailer Plans‘Free’ can mean a lot of things, so in this case, ‘Free Plans’ means without money.
You help us, We’ll help you.

For truly free trailer plans, there are sites that give plans free, but you get what you pay for.  Trust us, we’ve looked.  Personally, I am not interested in minimal quality, so that’s not what we do.

Our plans are different.  Do-It-Yourself plans from Mechanical Elements are Fully Engineered from Synthesis, a Colorado based Engineering & Design Services company.   The plans we offer are way better, by design.  They include the blueprints, plus instructions, lots of hints and explanations.  This is the complete package for awesome products.  You don’t get all that in free plans from other websites.

A lot of work that goes into these plans.  Many hours of design and analysis to make sure they are the best for you, our customer.  We spend a lot of time writing notes on the drawings, specifying the Bill of Materials, and in writing and illustrating the instructions.  The cost of custom plans is high, so prices on this website are a true bargain.  (Basically, 99% off the actual cost of making them.)

So, you want free trailer plans?  OK, plans for free – as in without financial cost.  How?  It’s simple, You help us and We’ll help you.  We’ll trade solid backlinks for Plans.

Free Trailer Plans For You?

This website is all about supporting you.  Over the years customers have asked a bunch of great questions which we try to answer in emails, comments, and in our many articles.  Try the collection of illustrated articles – ready for you to learn from and enjoy.

Trailer Axle Choices
Trailer Axle Choices: Use Springs? Or Torsion Axle

Our blueprints are relatively inexpensive in the Plans Shop.   We have Gantry Cranes, Hydraulic Presses, Utility Trailers, Tiny House Trailers, Storage Solutions and more.  Check them out.

We have many requests for ‘Plans for Free’, and in particular ‘Free Trailer Plans’.  I’m not sure why people think our work has no value, or why they want it if they think it has no value.  Yet, asking for Free Trailer Plans is basically saying we should work for free.  Maybe that’s not what they really think, but consider the paradigm.

Well, money doesn’t come easy for any of us, and getting things for free is always nice.  Yet, it works best when we both have a little skin in the game.  So, I’ll give you free trailer plans in exchange for a little help.

How Can You Help Us?

Learn Trailer Calculations
Trailer Build: Where Does The Axle Go?

One of Google’s ranking factors is something they call backlinks.  Basically, Google wants to see that other sites link to Mechanical Elements as a way of judging whether we provide good reasons for people to visit.

Our business is a little different because most people only want to build one trailer for example.  They search us out for trailer plans, then go build it.  Many customers come back for building tips, but they don’t typically return for plans again until after they build the first project.  Also, most people that build an awesome trailer don’t have much need to build another one.  We think that’s great, because it means they’re satisfied.

Unfortunately, that does not satisfy Google.  We don’t quite fit their robot paradigm.  They think if people don’t return to buy often, then perhaps they don’t really like the website.  That makes us web outliers.

Get Free Trailer Plans (or Other Plans Free)

That said, you can help by posting a link to us from your website.  If you have a website or a blog that deals with DIY stuff, or building stuff, or maker type topics, or trailers, or tools, or anything like that, then I’m willing to trade a link and a good word for a set of plans.  You choose the page on you want to link to, then you choose what to say.  Post it, then send us a note and let us know what set of plans you want.  Free Plans (no money required), like Free Trailer Plans!  That’s pretty easy.

Trade for Free Trailer Plans
Specialty Tiny House Trailer As A Solid Foundation

Trading links for (free) plans is a form of paid advertising in barter rather than money.  Please only say things with the link that are true, and what you believe.  Also, you should mention somewhere that you are compensated for the link.  We believe it’s important to be open, honest and transparent.

Once we approve the new link, we’ll send a coupon code.  Then, you can get the free trailer plans (or other free plans) you want.  We help each other, and we both end up ahead.  I’m good with that.

Thank You!

Compare Steel vs. Aluminum in Gantry Crane Beam
Comparison Analysis: Steel vs. Aluminum For Trailer Frames & Crane Beams

We love shared back scratching!  And, if that helps you with the project, then it’s all good.  Website backlinks are important for us.  It helps more people find us and to find the plans they need, too.

This offer is good for a limited time, so act soon.  Get Free Trailer Plans or Free any of the plans we offer.  Just remember, it’s not technically and totally “FREE”, because it’s helping each other.

We are all about building – and not just physical things.  It is proven over and over that we have more pride and better self esteem when we earn what we have.  It’s an interesting phenomena that goes for little things as well.

Thanks for visiting, and good luck posting the links.