Merchant Policy

The following Merchant Policy pertains to the sale of Plans, Products and Services of and — both parts of Synthesis Engineering Services, inc.  Please also see the Privacy Policy and know that you can Contact Us with any questions.

How to Order

Merchant Policy is PayPalOrder Plans Online:  Follow the link buttons to the items you want, then use a major credit card or PayPal account to place your order.  Plans are available for download immediately after payment.  If you prefer, plans can email at no extra charge. (Please allow 3 business days for email processing.)  No shipping or handling charges on internet orders.  All Credit Card transactions are processed via

Order Plans by Mail:  Use the Mail Order Form to purchase plans by mail (postal service).  (Money Orders & Cashier Checks.)  For complete Printed plans expect 2 – 3 weeks delivery.  Charges for Shipping, Handling and/or Printing apply.

Use Agreement

The product design plans offered for sale through or through are for individual use only.  Any use of these plans for resale or for producing products for sale is strictly prohibited.  Licensing for production and/or resale is available on request.  We reserve all Intellectual property rights for the materials.  We thank you for honoring these terms.

This restriction is not only a part of our Merchant Policy, but customers must also explicitly agree to it as they purchase plans.  Again, thank you for honoring these terms.

Return Policy

All sales for downloaded digital products are final.  Our system shows the download attempts, so if you have not downloaded your order and need a refund, we can make that happen.  Since digital products really can’t “return” sales for those orders are final.  Please let us know if you have questions prior to purchase.  We’re happy to help.

All sales for shipped items are final.  You may request a refund for items not yet shipped by sending an email message to “support” at or via the Contact Us page.  Please indicate the reason for the return.  If you pay for your order by credit card, then we will issue a credit that will appear on your billing statement.

If you have any questions concerning your order, or questions about items in this Merchant Policy, then please email our customer support department through the Contact Us page.

Plans Format

Electronic versions of the plans are provided in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format for easy accessibility.  A .ZIP file format is for compression to ease downloading.  If your computer doesn’t already have one, a free PDF reader is available at and a free ZIP utility at

Most plans format to print on 8.5″x11″ paper.  Some plans also include optional files formatted to print on 11″x17″ paper.  For special cases where full-size templates are required, files of multiple types (like PostScript & DXF) are also included.  Send the special files directly to a large format printer, or take them to a printshop for printing.

Product Performance

All product designs at Mechanical Elements are fully engineered to perform as stated.  However, construction methods, materials, assembly techniques and/or skill of the craftsmen may adversely affect the functional outcome.  Please follow all directions, including material and component specifications carefully.  Because manufacturing is outside our control, we cannot warrant products or guarantee the performance of items made from the plans.

Payment Options

  • For orders processed through this web site, we accept most major credit cards – just follow the purchase links.
  • To order plans by mail (postal service), please write your order and send it along with a cashiers check or money order.
  • Orders may also be placed by E-mail, but payment is limited to C.O.D. transactions.
  • For printed plans, we recommend purchasing the plans via download, then take the files to a local print shop for printing.

Plans Delivery

  • Electronic orders from the web can download (save) immediately following a successful checkout.
  • While we cannot control the postal service, orders placed by mail typically take 7-10 days.  Please allow for extensions of that time in case we are out of the office.
  • Electronic orders via the mail for email delivery will send to the email address on the mail form.

Thank You

We Thank You for being our customer, and Thank You for allowing us to serve you.  Thank you also for taking a minute to read this Merchant Policy and the associated Privacy Policy.  We also appreciate all those that take a minute to tell others about us.  Have a Wonderful Day!