Air Tools Lost & Found

A simple Solutions! reader submission for easy access and organization of his common Air Tools.  Simple enough to build in an hour, and great enough to keep  . . .  forever.  Try this.


A Solution for Organizing Air Tools and Hose

Air Tools Organization

Submitted By:  R-Dubb

The Solution!

“I was always losing my compressor attachments and could never find the end of the hose . . .

“One 4″x 3” piece of aluminum, a few holes and some leftover fittings and both problems solved!

“Thanks for such an informative trailer building site!  Getting ready to build a modified teardrop and the articles are helping a bunch!  Thanks.”


Such an easy fix.  Attach it to the air compressor, or to the wall near by.  The only thing is . . . you have to remember to put the tools back when you switch them out.  🙂

Speaking of Air Tools, here’s one more for your collection.  While it’s “just” an Air Chuck, it’s gotta be the most convenient air chuck I’ve used.  I personally think it’s a great Solution!  One more to add to the lost and found Solution! shown here from R-Dubb.

Want another great DIY Solutions Project?  Check out the House Crane submitted by “A Treehouse Dweller”.  Or just go to the Solutions! category at the Mechanic’s Post link above.  There are several good ideas to see.

It’s Your Turn

With the concept of “in the moment problem solving”, this is the Mechanic’s Post category for “Solutions!”  These posts highlight and share some simple creations that make life a little easier around the shop. Whether Big or Small, just like the solution for air tools here.

If you’re interested, another storage solution is in this entry.  Whether for storage or cute tips or ways to accomplish a common task, we all have our little Solutions! around the shop.  As you know, it doesn’t have to be earth shattering to share.  And, this is a great place to share a little.

Now it’s your turn.  Have you done something that others might also benefit from seeing?  Please take some photos, then tell us your story.

Because this is the DIY Web Portal for all sorts of information, we would love to see and share your creative solutions too.  Thank You for joining in!  And, Thank You for visiting the website.


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