Spiraling Up

January 7, 2016.  Mechanical Elements is back online with a new look, a new logo, new functionality, and a better shopping experience. — With — an expanded offering of the Same Great DIY Project Plans and so much more. All this on the Old, but now resurrected, though not so recent, MechanicalElements.com domain. — This is the first news / announcement post.

As Mechanical Elements returns again to it’s own website, this brings us full circle.  The one constant in all the change is the great DIY project plans that are here for you, the Do-it-Yourself Enthusiast.  We say “Enthusiast“, but we really mean those that jump in, get their hands a little greasy, then end up with a product that is much better than anything available through a store.  You just can’t buy the pride of building a great project yourself.

“Build it With Plans – Better Than You Can Buy It !!”

If that’s you, then it’s easy to solute you!  Because we are you.  We are very much a part of the greasy fingers DIY category of folks that make the world go around.  We build stuff, lots of stuff, including the things of the plans we sell!  And, we test the stuff we build, via everyday use and abuse, so we know these products will perform.  In fact, most of the original products came about as a solution WE (or the Wife or a friend) wanted to have.  Since then, many of our newer plans come from suggestions from you, our readers and customers.

Some of the things we have for you are simple Solutions! like this little Gantry Crane Skyhook.  (So simple it doesn’t need plans.)  Others are obviously much more involved like our Heavy Duty Utility Trailers, Shop Tools, and other great DIY projects.

Past & Future DIY Project Plans

With the re-launching of this site, the DIY project plans are now, once again, available for you on Mechanical Elements.  Interestingly, the first plans sales were on the MechanicalElements.com domain in the late 1990’s.  After several years and for many reasons, the domain was put on hold with the plans then sold on Synthx.com in the “Buy The Way” section.  That worked for a time, and it served a purpose.   However, now, because of a desire to expand the site with tips and a lot more DIY helps and information, we’ve gone back to the MechanicalElements.com domain.

Is that all too confusing?  The history is not so important as the fact it’s here now.  Just think of it as Great plans for DIY projects, with lots of articles for information, and a lot more to come!

Our new focus takes us beyond just the DIY Project Plans.  One big addition for this new version of Mechanical Elements is the new section we call “The Mechanic’s Post“.  There we have a growing library of helpful DIY tips with tons of suggestions, news, guides, recommendations, and so much more.  We set out to be the web’s DIY portal.

That’s a lofty goal, we know, but we believe, and you can help.  Submit your project stories and share your ideas for cool Solutions!  Whether it’s the beginning of a project or something when it’s complete.  If you have a story about a project built with plans from Mechanical Elements, (or Synthx.com Buy The Way) we’d like to hear it.

Easy To Get

The plans are easy and fast to get.  Just Add to Cart, then right after payment is complete, you can save the files directly to your computer.  It’s that simple.  Oh, and if you should have trouble with the download, we’ve got you covered there too.  Just contact us and we’ll help you out.

Thank you for making this your home for awesome workshop projects.  Start here to get your DIY project plans, and so much more great information.  Let us know how we can best make this website serve you — the DIY Enthusiast!

Enjoy the new website — and especially Enjoy your DIY projects!

We Found These For You . . .

16K by 20' Flat Deck Trailer

When heft is on the agenda, consider this beefy version of our 20’ length deck-over trailer plans.  With many options like all our trailers, this tandem axle is super heavy duty for rigorous jobs.

6'x12'-6000 lbs Trailer Blueprints

DIY Blueprints for a beefy 6 x 12 single axle Utility Trailer.  This is a heavy duty version of our 6' wide trailer that has a lot of options - including a 6000 lb or 7000 lb Axle capacity choice.

Mobile Gantry Crane Plans

Adding a crane is a game changer in the shop.  It’s perfect for lifting . . . anything.  Use the free standing mobile gantry crane - from plans - for pulling engines, to lift the boat, the car, or other…

What Do You Want for 2020
A new day, A new Year, and a new Decade!  We don’t get to say that very often, so it’s kind of cool.  Anyway, as we look to the near future for Mechanical Elements, we want to know what you…

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6'10" x 16' Flatbed Trailer Plans

A large utility trailer, at full (legal) width and 16’ length -- with options for 12,000 lbs or 16,000 lbs capacity.  Trailer plans include many options for you to configure it to your specific needs.

Shop Utility Floor Cart
When there’s a need that doesn’t really fit with existing products, make your own.  That’s it with this new, tough Shop Floor & Utility Cart.  While it’s not monumental in design, it does have some great functionality for DIY’ers, with…

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6x14 Utility Trailer Plans

Get your 6x16 Utility Trailer Plans here, then build your own 7000 lb. capacity tandem axle workhorse.  These plans include all the details and instructions.  Build it, and make it better than you can buy it.

4'x6' Off Road Trailer

Build a great little Off Road Jeep Trailer with these Plans.  The 4 x 6 is a nice adventure size to use with a Jeep or any other 4x4 or OHV.  Customize the Height, Box, and Ground Clearance with options…

Why Do Some Trailers Tow Stable and Others Not?
There's a lot that goes into making trailers tow stable. Of course, there are the big obvious things, but there are also a lot of contributors that may or may not matter in your situation. Stack the deck to get…

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Which I-Beam Shape?
When is an I-Beam not really an “I” Beam?  While it’s common to use the generic term “I-Beam” for any beam with an I shape section, there are actually variations with different letter designations.  And, there are advantages for the…

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