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Mechanical Elements is your Portal for Do-it-Yourself Plans.  We have project plans to Build It Yourself and Make it Better, then Enjoy the fruits of your effort.  This is the Place to Start!

Utility Trailer PlansWe have plans for Utility Trailers (in many sizes),  Specialty Trailers (for your toys),  Cranes & Lifting and other cool workshop tools,  Shop Presses (beefy like no other),  Stereo Speakers,  and don’t forget the Home projects like  Food & Water Storage.

If you need things,  Why not build them yourself?  Start your project right with these complete Plans.  Customize them the way you want and  Save Money Doing It!

What’s in the plans?  See some DIY Sample Pages.

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Plans come fully illustrated
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Or choose Free Plans.  If you have built one of the cranes, the Free Plans for an I-Beam Connector Clamp can be a really nice addition for increased flexibility and utility.

How To Get Your Plans:

Mechanical Elements DIY Plans

  • The best way is right here, at Mechanical Elements! — All Do-it-Yourself Plans are available for “Electronic Download”, immediately after payment.
    No Shipping Charges.  Shop Now.
  • The option for “Printed & Mailed” is only available by specific request.  Please Contact Us if you need the plans sent in paper form, then we’ll give you instructions.  Expect 2-3 weeks delivery, and charges for Printing & Shipping apply.
  • OR use the Mail Order Form.  (Money Orders, Cashiers Checks).  Information about Mail Orders is on the Form.
  • Download Plans are provided in Adobe PDF for easy viewing and printing.  (Special files for some items are in the download.)  To ease downloading, plans files are all together in a .ZIP file.  If your computer doesn’t already have them, a free PDF reader is available at and a free ZIP utility at

The Mechanical Elements Difference:

We think our plans are the best because we’ve seen lots of others, and many don’t even compare.  At Mechanical Elements you get engineered, detailed plans and most of our do-it-yourself plans include options for ways to customize your project and make it be exactly what you want.

For more information, check out the page on Why Our Trailer Plans Are Better.  Yet, it’s not just the trailer plans.  All of our Do-it-Yourself plans include engineering and explanations and, of course, are complete and ready to help in your next project.

Let’s not stop there.  Yes, we have the best plans around, but we also have a ton of great information, videos and articles to help you succeed with your project.  Check out the Mechanic’s Post for tips, helps, news and extra plans information.

All of this to help make your project GREAT.  That’s the Mechanical Elements difference.

Beefy Shop Press Plans

Good planning is the start to a successful project.
Great Plans are Available Here!

Do-it-Yourself Plans Start

If you are having trouble with the plans shopping cart or with credit card processing, please Let Us Know.  We’re here to make you successful.

If you have good ideas for projects with do-it-yourself plans and would like to share them, drop us a line.  We have a good incentive program, and welcome comments and ideas.

Finally, if you have a great DIY solution for your shop or trailer or tools (or whatever), share it.  Send us the information, and if we post it, we’ll be sure to give you credit in whatever form you prefer.  Again, this site is for sharing, and for great DIY information.  Be a part, and help us help the whole DIY community.

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