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  1. Jim Milazzo
    March 28, 2018 @ 4:19 PM

    I developed patented technology to prevent runaway trailer accidents. This technology is a bar system versus the age old chain system. My product is made and tested in the USA and is far superior to the subpar products made in China. I won the Innovator of The Year Safety Award in my home state of Louisiana, stating this could revolutionize trailer towing safety! I also have engineering data to prove it is the best and latest technology to prevent these runaway trailers accidents. A trailer should never separate from its towing vehicle. I have 50 plus years in the metal trades field. There’s much more to my technology than I can cover in this brief paragraph. I totally agree the u-haul video is totally misleading and need to be revised and or removed. The stats on runaway trailer accidents show 4 to 500 deaths per year and 15 to 20,000 injures caused by these tragic accidents!!! Something has to be done to make our highways safer so as to prevent our love ones from these runaway missals. Thanks.


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