Updates On Trailer Design Articles

The most popular pages on Synthesis are the Trailer Design Article that now has a fresh revision.  May, 2017.  They include more content, more pictures, and a mobile friendly web design. Check out the new article versions of “What Makes A Good Trailer?” and “Choosing The Right Utility Trailer“.  While the article is for everyone interested in trailer design, they are specifically here for you.  These articles are the foundation of Trailers including Strength, Stability and Usefulness.  They’re worth a read if you haven’t already.

“Good Trailer Design” Article

Article Screen Shot Trailer DesignWhat Makes A Good Trailer Design?  While that is a good question, the answer depends a lot on your expectations for using the trailer.  With that in mind, there are many fundamentals that are common to all “Good” trailers.  This article (4 short web chapters) looks at various aspects of trailer design, including  Trailer Strength (not just with the frame), Dynamic Stability while towing, and options for Versatility (think of it as usefulness).

Illustration within the articles include lots of pictures and real world examples.  It’s for building a trailer, yes, but it’s also for looking over a trailer you might want to buy — new or used.  These pages give suggestions about how to evaluate a trailer for each of the items in each category.  Think of it as a guide for ways that you can judge based on your needs.

The Genesis

Years ago, the first article was originally written to assist people in acquiring a trailer because it shows things to look for, as well as things to avoid.  Think of it as a guide in purchasing one (new or used).  For other people the articles serve as a help in building their own trailer by pointing out things to consider in the design.  Since the original publication, the article has expanded undergone several iterations with changes, expansions and revisions — including this latest complete revision in May 2017.  (Now it’s really 5 related articles.)

The articles briefly get into the whole gamut of trailer considerations.  But if you want more detail (or DIY Plans), read the articles here at Mechanical Elements.  How about the big things like Trailer Frames and Axles (both leaf type and Torsion Axles), as well as the little things like a spare tire and the ever important Safety Chains.

“Good Trailer Design” is not rocket science, rather it’s is a whole bunch of common sense and comparative analysis to meet your particular needs.  Engineering is obviously very important, and these articles give many examples with some added reasoning on things you may already know.  Ideas there may also debunk myths about Trailer Design and Function.  For those that like or use trailers, the articles are definitely recommended reading.

More Good Reading

In addition to Good Trailer Design, there are two companion articles which also have a fresh revision.  “Choosing the Right Utility Trailer is focused specifically on the needs of utility trailers.  Then, Trailer Towing Tips is a long list of things we’ve discovered, read about, or readers have shared over the years.  A great reminder on ways to keep things safe and trouble free when towing.

Couple these articles from Synthesis with some of the popular ones here on Mechanical Elements, and it’s a great collection.  Things like Choosing Tandem Axles (and Triples) then the article on Leaf Springs Or a Torsion Axle?  Want more detail?  Get into the nuts and bolts of trailer design by reading Trailer Axles 101 – What You Need To Know.  Plus, there are many more in our growing library, so visit the Mechanic’s Post *Articles* from the Knowledge menu at the top of the page.

Great reading material, all of them, if you’re into Trailers and Towing.

We have this Article because Do-It-Yourself trailer builders need to know the things in these trailer design articles.  It’s the small details that make your trailer building project a booming success, or a “Hmmm, maybe I’ll sell it” project.  Build it to Love it.  Build it yourself, and make it the Best!

Enjoy the Reading!


Note:  Synthesis Engineering Services is the parent company of Mechanical Elements.  At one time these plans were all sold on the Synthx.com website, but we decided you needed a site specifically for DIY, so here you go.  All plans sold here at Mechanical Elements are developed by Synthesis, therefore the articles noted above are of particular importance if you want perspective on our Trailer Plans.  This is all part of Spiraling Up to bring you the best DIY information, tips and help with your projects.

As always, the best way to get the exact trailer (or other project) you want is to build it.  Plans here at Mechanical Elements with great trailer design are a good place to start.  Check out the Plans Store section of this website.  Thank you for visiting.


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