Wide and Wider Tiny House Trailer Plans

What if . . . You want to live Tiny, but not “that” tiny?  Sure, there are a lot of attractive elements with living Tiny, but to some, the 8 foot width is just too tight.  If that’s you, go with a wider tiny house built with these new trailer plans! Now available here at Mechanical Elements.

We’re listening.  From the previous article on the Tiny House Size Quandary, we agree there is a need for a good, solid, wider foundation.  So, you asked, and we’re delivering awesome wider trailer plans.

New, Wider Trailer Plans

We took a long analyzing look at the changes required to go wider.  It seems so simple to just stretch everything wider and there you have it.  But, like most things in Engineering, it’s never as simple as it seems.  That’s OK, because we’re Engineers, and that’s what we do.

Without boring you with all the details of ‘How’, let’s just say we’ve filled your request.  We now have 2 new sizes of “Wider” tiny house trailer plans, and they’re available for you to purchase, then download, right now.

First, a 10′ wide by 32′ length foundation.
Second, a 12′ wide by 32′ length foundation.

These are both Fully Engineered trailer plans, designed for the few that wish to jump into the not-quite-so-tiny life.  And, they are based on the same principles we set out for all our Tiny House Trailer Plans.

You can read the details and the reasoning for  design choices in the article The Wise Man And The Tiny House.  If that’s not enough, try the a Case Study on Tiny House Trailer Design on our Engineering Website.

Is It Right For You?

The big question is always — Will it work for me?  While it’s fun to ask, really, you are the only one that can answer it.  To help you, here are some things you need to know before going wider with a tiny house.

  1. Will your new tiny house move around a lot?  Some people want a Tiny House because it’s mobile.  If that’s you, then the wider Tiny might be constraining.
  2. Do you love the idea of living Tiny, but worry about claustrophobia or cabin fever?  Adding a little to the width makes a huge difference.  An extra 1.5′ to 8.5′ adds a lot of elbow room.  Going 12′ wide — adding 3.5′ — is almost half again the wider.  That makes many things more practical.
  3. A wider trailer requires special permits on the road.  Requirements vary in different jurisdictions, so we recommend some research.
  4. Bigger Tiny Living In A Wider Tiny HousePermit types vary by trailer width and length.  This 32′ length (longer with the tongue) is usually OK.  Often, permits for a 10′ width are not too difficult to acquire.  They probably require signs and probably some road or time restrictions.  A 12′ wide trailer is a little more involved, so check on requirements.
  5. Do you have a vehicle capable of pulling this size and weight?  Of course, the weight won’t be determined until the house is built, but a 32′ long x 1o’ or 12′ width will not be light.  Or, you can hire it out.
  6. Finally, are you planning to live in it for a long time?  If the answer is no, think about it carefully.  What is the market for a wider tiny house — on an awesome trailer?

Those are just a few things to consider going wider.  For people committed to it, these are not burdens.

Wider Trailer Plans Are Now Available

Wider 12 x 32 Tiny House Trailer PlansIf you have a place to park a wider trailer, we’ve got the plans — designed from the beginning with the Tiny House in mind.  They include a low deck height, a very stiff chassis, triple axles, and strength at the perimeter to support the weight of the walls and the roof.  The house floor integrates right into the frame, which increases available head space.  It also allows plenty of insulation in the floor — for both warmer and cooler climates.

Check out the details by following the links to these 2 wider tiny house trailer plans with Full Engineering by Synthesis Engineering Services.

The choice is not about which is better, the choice is now about which foundation will fit your needs best.  Good luck with your new Tiny House project.

How Do These Fit ICC Appendix Q

The International Residential Code Appendix Q is a building code for Tiny Houses.  For the trailer, from how we read it, compliance is making the case that the trailer meets the foundation needs.  Though little is specified about the foundation, we believe these trailers fit.  The design specifically places strength at the perimeter where the primary loads from walls and roof and lofts really are.  Even these wider trailer plans are engineered as a foundation — not, like many other trailers — as a retro-fit to hold a house.

Of course, most of the code is about safety features for lofts, stairs, windows, etc. for ingress, egress, fire, safety, etc..  However, the code does define Tiny Houses as 400 sqft or less.  Bigger than that, they fall in other categories under different rules — not necessarily DIY.

We don’t understand all the code or the issues it solves or creates.  However, our 32′ x 12′ wider trailer plans give a 384 sqft platform (with a noted option for 12.5′ width allowing a true 400 sqft base.)  If max is your goal, these trailer plans get you there.


Footnote:  Why So Expensive?

Most plans on MechanicalElements.com are less than $50.  But these wider tiny house trailer plans are more.  What’s up?

True, we like the idea of keeping the price affordable.  We are, after all, focused on DIY, not high-end custom.  And yet, we are a business, and we need to eat and pay rent and all those things too.

We strive to create the best, most complete plans available.  We do that with thorough engineering.  Your success in understanding how to build it, is our measure of quality, and that takes time.  (Full engineering, iterative analysis, drawings, instructions, notes and details.)  In general, the cost of Engineering is about 100 times more than we charge for our regular trailer plans — because we hope to sell 100 sets.

That said, these wider foundation trailer plans are a special request.  Custom trailer plans for something similar are in the $5000 to $6000 range (usually).  Of course, these are much less, so you get the bargain.  Hopefully we’ll sell enough to cover our cost — but if not, you still get the screaming great deal at more than 90% discount.  Better than Black Friday deals, every day!

If you’re in the market for a wider trailer for your tiny house on wheels, these are the plans.  If you really need something different, we also do custom design, for your unique needs, but it’s much more expensive.

Good Luck With Your Project!


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