About Mechanical Elements

About Us, Mechanical ElementsMechanical Elements” is a web feature for Do-It-Yourself Plans, Blueprints and Knowledge from Synthesis, a Colorado based Engineering & Design Services company.  The name, “Mechanical Elements” is a simple play on words as a fun domain for this website.

Names aside, the essence of this site is sharing DIY tips, tricks, advice and plans.  We sell blueprints for things we’ve designed, in areas of our expertise.  Things like Utility Trailers, specialty Shop Tools, some home Food & Water Storage things, and more.  However, we don’t market just any plans, these are original.  When you shop here, you get the Real Thing!

DIY Motivation

I built my first trailer so long ago it’s almost embarrassing to discuss.  I was a kid, growing up out in the country, interested in things that move.  A trailer is a way to move things too big (or too dirty) for the trunk of mom’s car. Upsized Gantry Crane Plans Over the years dozens of designs have popped up for new things like trailers, a gantry crane, a shop press, and food storage items.  I build them, then often get inquiries or complements  — like this question in some variation or another:

“How Can I Get One?”


“Will You Build Me One?”

Because of the questions, I wrote some instructions to give out.  That quickly became cumbersome, so I put them online at “MechanicalElements.com“.  Over the years products have matured and expanded.  Hundreds of great DIY’ers purchase plans and build awesome products for themselves.  Some customers also send pictures of success (and modifications), so we share the customer project stories and photos.  Thank you, we appreciate them.  Please keep them coming, because we love to share.

Plans are available for you too.  Project plans on Mechanical Elements are for the Do-It-Yourself Enthusiast.  They include instructions that are easy enough for people who are not totally familiar with reading blueprints and industry jargon.  That said, we do expect you know something about building in order to tackle such projects.

As you browse the site and read the articles, we hope even the expert builders will find a tidbit of “Hmmm, that’s interesting” contained within — because we try to pass along the good DIY tips others share.  Oh, and you can share too.  Just drop us a line.

Now you know our story.  Enjoy the plans !!

Spreading The DIY Knowledge

There’s more than just the great Do-it-Yourself plans on this site!  Mechanical Elements is the web portal for DIY, so we are always building more, writing more, and sharing more with you.

Try the library of shared knowledge about how to build things, where to look for the best buys, and tricks to make your DIY Life better.  These short articles are in The Mechanic’s Post, sorted by category for easy access.

About Synthesis

Synthesis Engineering Services, Inc. As indicated above, Mechanical Elements is a DIY feature of Synthesis Engineering Services, Inc.  We love making plans and helping DIY’ers build cool stuff.  Synthesis has been around since the mid 1990’s, and we have weathered some crazy economic times.  Our competitors come and go, yet we’re still here as a premier Engineering Services Provider.  Perhaps that speaks to our engineering expertise, broad capabilities, and customer service ethics, but it may just be luck.  Either way, we’re happy to be here and happy to help by creating amazing products and helping customers find their unique solutions.  Please visit our website to learn more.

Oh, and enjoy the blueprints!  They are here for you.