6′ x 12′ – 6000# / 7000# – Utility Trailer Plans

DIY Blueprints for a beefy 6 x 12 HD single axle Utility Trailer.  This is a heavy duty version of our 6′ wide trailer that has a lot of options – including a 6000 lb or 7000 lb Axle capacity choice.

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A very capable Heavy Duty version of our popular 6 x 12 Utility Trailer – this one with options for the capacity you need.  This is our 6 x 12 HD Utility Trailer.  Build it at 5200 lbs, or 6000 lbs, or 7000 lbs axle capacity.  The differences are all in the plans.  Build it for the capacity you want.  This is a strong trailer designed and fully engineered for action.

The plans include lots of options so you can build it, and customize it, to be the trailer you want.  From sides options, to tailgate options, component options, and height options.  There are extras like ramps and tie-down choices.  Some of the options are in the images on this page.  It’s your trailer, so build it to perform the way you want.  We have already done the engineering, so make it fit you.

Blueprints: 6 x 12 HD Utility Trailer 6000 lb Capacity

One set of possible options are in this image.  While short sides like these are an option, sides (or no sides) are both acceptable with this 6 x 12 HD Utility Trailer.  The frame is strong on its own, so the base model has a flat deck.  See below in the accordions for a similar image with different options and the flat deck design.

Your choice also for the deck height – you can build this 6 x 12 HD Utility Trailer with the drop axle as shown above (for a low deck height), or make it taller with a straight axle.  (Raises the deck height and ground clearance by 4″.)  That choice is yours.

With these customizable plans, you can build the trailer better, stronger, and more stable, than anything you can buy!  Plus, it will have just the options you want.

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For a lighter duty version of this trailer, see the 6 x 12 – 3500 lb. trailer plans.
A slightly shorter version (with the same capacity) is the 6 x 10 – Heavy Duty.



6′ X 12′ – 6000# / 7000# – Utility Trailer Plans

Engineered Heavy Duty Trailer Design
Full Engineering Analysis is complete for All Trailers at Mechanical Elements.  This is just one example of the engineering analysis that goes into the design.
  • Complete Engineered 6 x 12 Utility Trailer Design.
  • Single axle, leaf spring design.
  • Has 6′ x 12′ nominal bed size.  Actual size is slightly larger, see below.
  • 6000 lb. or option for 7000 lb. axle for heavy duty trailer capacity.
  • Welded steel trailer frame for strength and robustness.
  • Build the fold-down tailgate and ramp option.
  • Includes multiple options for sides and for different trailer bed materials.
  • Try the hidden / removable ramp option.
  • Add tie-down locations, with options given, as many as you want.
  • Includes plans for a motorcycle stand.
  • Download the drawings and instructions.

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More About The Design Features

More About The Design Features

The trailer plans (aka blueprints) include all the information to build it — not only the trailer, but many choices for customization are included.  Here is a little more detail about the design features.

  • * The 6 x 12 utility trailer plans give a deck size 2 inches wider than 6 ft. and 3.5 inches longer than 12 ft.  (This allows a true 6 ft load width, and true 12 ft load length clearance.)
  • Trailer length, including the tongue, is 198 inches or so depending on options.
  • Total width is 97-ish inches.  Actual width depends on component choices (axles, tires, fenders).
  • Deck height depends on components — from 18 inches up.  (Height shown is approximately 19 inches.)
  • Options for Max load capacity — either 6000 lbs.* or 7000 lbs.* which includes the weight of the trailer.
  • Again, options will change trailer weight.  The flatbed version is 900 lbs – 1000 lbs.  Options like decking choice, sides (or not), tailgate or toolbox, etc. will increase weight.
  • Blueprints have many options.  Some are mutually exclusive, and not all options appear in the pictures.
  • We encourage options and customization to meet your exact needs.  To assist with that, these 6 x 12 Utility Trailer Plans include customization ideas for special uses — from ATV & motorcycles, to trash or furniture or landscape moving.  Feel free to add customization of your own.

6 x 12 Utility Trailer Plans Details:

Flatbed 6 x 12 Utility Trailer Plans

This trailer is beefy as a flat bed, or with full sides and a top.  We provide the solid foundation, and you build up the  options for the trailer you want.

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Plans from Mechanical Elements are an awesome start to a great project.  Here are even more resources!


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